Duck Tales: Remastered hack

The fascinating arcade Duck Tales: Remastered this is Duck stories. It is created on the basis of the stories of the same Disney animated series. Known to all the greed Scrooge McDuck goes for treasure. He will have to go around the world: to visit the famous Himalayas, off the Amazon, in the legendary Transylvania and on the African continent. Moreover, an unrestrained seeker of wealth will even fly to the moon! USe hacked Duck Tales: Remastered for free.

Also, you can download Duck Tales: Remastered mod apk for free. However, the single-minded hero has evil-doers – the cunning sorceress Magica de Hypnosis and the insidious brothers Havs. These characters also can not wait to get rich, so for them to prevent Scrooge from getting to the next treasure – a matter of first importance. Magick will make a lot of attempts to raid the depository of billionaire McDuck, hoping to steal the very first coin he earned.

Duck Tales: Remastered cheat

Secrets and Tips:

Cheats Duck Tales: Remastered will help you to get unlimited cash. And the rest of her minions are not averse to getting this talisman of luck and wealth. Flinthart Glomgold, a millionaire who dreams of becoming more prosperous and influential, intends to overthrow Scrooge once and for all, so he should beware. The protagonist will have to make a lot of efforts, fighting off the attacks of impudent enemies and saving from the dangers of his beloved nephews – Dilly, Willie and Billy.

In addition, noisy impatience does not want to obey the strict discipline of a stern uncle. Which often turns out to be in the epicenter of turmoil. Favorite tactics of a colorful hero are a cane and jump on it.


In the course of bright fights, there is the possibility of using the invulnerability bonuses. In addition, the game can be replenished and the level of health. The player will need to collect gems that periodically occur on the path of the character.

Duck Tales: Remastered codes

They open access to drawings from the animated series-prototype arcade, including to completely unique frames. The graphics of Duck Tales are so high-quality that it’s impossible not to enjoy the colorful and dynamic plot. Interestingly, the background for the levels was drawn by hand, and was not the result of purely computer processing. The soundtrack is quite melodic; It’s nice that Russian subtitles are used.

Unlock all items for free:

It is worth emphasizing that the passing of the game Duck history will interest not only the children’s audience: lovers of quiet games from among adults will also appreciate the works of developers on their merits. In addition, especially for the little fans of the gameplay in the “Duck stories” laid down mode of reduced difficulty, while more advanced users can activate the extreme mode. Help Scrooge to save and increase his precious reserves! Also, try new hacks of the game Age of Z and Alien Creeps for free.

Duck Tales: Remastered mod

Cheat codes DuckTales: Remastered is a platformer for android that will take you back to the past, when many played Duck stories on the PS1. At the beginning of the game shows a small cartoon, as on the building Scrooge (where money is stored as well) are attacked by criminal elements with a thief head at the head (everyone remembers, right?).

Cheat codes DuckTales: Remastered Hack, Android and iOS:

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Next, you will see Scrooge in this building, he is to release his nephews from captivity (who got into the cage, who was locked and so on). To neutralize the invaders, you must first press the jump button, and then the button with the cane, that is, the neutralization is of the Mario type. But this is only the first location, then you will travel around the world, as in the cartoon itself. Separately worth noting is the musical accompaniment, which is performed on a solid five, Disney tried to glory. The graphics are also excellent. The sea of ​​locations and interesting adventures is all about Duck stories, download and play!


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