Dumb Ways to Die 2 is a fun arcade game in which a player can take part in deadly contests. The user must take control of one of the characters and try to extend his life as long as possible. All the characters are absolutely not afraid of death, therefore they constantly fall into a situation when their lives are threatened. The gamer needs to save the heroes, earn points and open new characters. This game is a continuation of the previous version Dumb Ways to Die.

The gameplay of this wonderful game to some extent has a sports component. The player enters an unknown small town, which is divid into different locations in the game. In each of the locations will be offered different competitions. Hacked Dumb Ways to Die 2 will help you to get free Tokens.The meaning of your actions is that you should not give the characters of the game the opportunity to get some kind of Darwin prize, which is handed to someone who has managed to die in the most stupid way.

Dumb Ways to Die 2 free

Secrets and Tips:

In each location of the gameplay Dumb Ways to Die 2 cheat. You will have to perform a series of various simple tasks that are quite fascinating. However, there is very little time left for implementation. If you fail any of these, you will inevitably die. In addition, the time for the execution of tasks with each time decreases, thereby complicating the gameplay. And if you manage to successfully cope with the task, then you get prize points.

The more points you score, the easier it will be for you to compete with other participants in the future. A feature of this gameplay is that in each separate task different control is provided. If in some you have to ramp around the whole screen, then in others you will need to monitor the movement through the accelerometer. Nevertheless, you will be helped by various hints that appear in the course of the gameplay.

Dumb Ways to Die 2 codes


Despite the fact that the game is very comical, the gamer will have to concentrate on the game process. Therefore, downloading Dumb Ways to Die 2 mod apk is preferable in some quiet place where no one distracts you. The graphics of the game are two-dimensional and hand-drawn, however, it is precisely because of this that it attracts. All the sounds that accompany the gamer during the gameplay are as funny and strange as the gameplay itself. It’s unlikely that the game claims a place for some grand game. This project, first of all, will be interesting to those who love everything unusual and funny.

In Dumb Ways to Die 2 hackyou will meet with old friends. The mind was not added to them, but the mini-levels were more than doubled, which means that the danger threatening your heroes doubled. In the game Dumb Ways to Die 2 cheat codes, released for android devices you will find 28 fun adventures. Are we proceeding?

Dumb Ways to Die 2 cheat


In order to painlessly hold the men through all the dangers in Dumb Ways to Die 2, you need:

  1. Adjust the trajectory of the jump, so that the man fell into a puddle.
  2. Draw the little man along the edge of the pool. One click – one step. Press when the little man stands in a pose.
  3. Press up to get the man to jump over the shark.
  4. Brush your killer’s teeth with your finger.
  5. Do not let the characters on the circles blur in different directions, pull them to each other.
  6. Click ahead to remove the character from the piranhas.
  7. Tilting the device in the sides, try to keep the little man on the dolphin.
  8. Tilt your device in different directions so that the man can escape the mines.
  9. Remove the characters from the road of an old grandfather with a stick.
  10. Click on the screen to make the little man the first to finish.
  11. Move the hero so that the shadow does not fall on him from the flying pole.
  12. Slide your finger counter-clockwise to unscrew the projectile.
  13. Save the balance by tilting the device to the left and to the right.
  14. Transfer the dynamite to another character by running a finger from the dynamite to his hand.
  15. To jump over obstacles, click on the screen.
  16. Tie the shoelaces by following the dotted lines.
  17. Press up when the little man approaches the yellow zone so that he can jump over the obstacle.
  18. Tap the screen 10 times. It is necessary to press quickly.
  19. Click on the hands to push them into the closing doors of the train.
  20. Do not let men on the rails, blocking the road with your fingers.
  21. Help clean the Yeti by sweeping away dirt and beetles from it.
  22. Beat the penguin, tapping on it.
  23. Rub ice in front of a sliding projectile. You need to do this quickly.
  24. Close all windows and doors.
  25. When the hero is skiing, tilt the device so that he avoids obstacles.
  26. Before the hero jumps from the springboard, circle your finger in the direction of the arrows.
  27. When skating, tap on the screen so that the hero jumps over the polynyas.
  28. Do not let the hero touch the red-and-white stick with his tongue.

Cheat codes Dumb Ways to Die 2 Hack for free, Android and iOS:

  • Mountain O ‘Tokens – HG_J0wfj
  • Kids’ Mode -PQ_U0qh8
  • Remove Ads – TV_X0fb9nc


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