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If you regularly play mobile games, you probably know the Voodoo developer company. She is very successful in such games as Dunk Shot, Fire UP, Rolly Vortex and a friend. And the continuation of this success was the game Dune. You can download Dune mod it for free on Google Play and the App Store. There are purchases in it, but the Dune cheat codes help to remove all restrictions. In this article we will look at the bonus codes, but first let’s look at the game itself.

About the game

The size of the game is only 149 MB, so today almost anyone can download and run it on their smartphone. The gameplay is simple and promises dozens of hours of interesting pastime. The Voodoo team is the leader in creating simple, but entertaining and unique games. Each time they hit the gameplay, graphics and sounds at the same time as simple and pleasant. The game hack Dune is very simple, but it’s fun, you can play hours and hours.

Dune cheat

Game process

Dune for Android and iOS gives the player a completely simple task. You have to control the ball, which flies through a large desert. You need to control the ball so as to give its movement even more inertia. The farther you can fly, the more money you will get. Is it really simple? And this is true if there is no goal to get into the leaderboard. Incredibly great results are achieved by full concentration and perseverance. Your path to success is a constant repetition, each time you need to start again. The controls and movements of the ball should be as smooth and neat as possible, otherwise you will lose.

Simple operation

Like the game itself, the controls here are as simple as possible, you need to hold the phone in such a way as to push the ball. Hold the phone so that the drop is as smooth as possible. Raise the ball as high as possible, to the moon, to earn extra points. Cheats Dune will allow you to free and quickly raise your level in the game to set previously unattainable records.

Features of the game

You can play Dune anywhere, it’s simple and does not require you to pay attention. It can be run for a couple of minutes between classes, or when traveling in transport, to distract and forget about the stressful situation. The game has a lot of advertising on which the developer earns. With Wi-Fi or 3g turned on, the game becomes unbearable. Using codes Dune, you can disable advertising and at the same time save $ 3. The most important advantage of using codes is the ability to enable repetitions and recover from an error.

Graphics and sound in the game

The game has a simple 2D-graphics, it does not need a 3D picture, because the game is easier to find it will be difficult. There is one game mode and you will have enough simple, monotonous, but pleasant graphics. Pleasant voice acting will immerse yourself in the game and even more immersed in the movement of the ball. It relaxes and gives pleasant hours. If you are looking for a simple game for leisure, then Dune cheat is an excellent choice.

Dune codes

To disable advertisements and get additional lives, you can use the codes. Turn off advertising, get extra lives and enjoy free gameplay. To use them, you do not need to download a mod, or get special root, jailbreak. Follow the tips in the instructions and set new records.

Dune hack, cheats for Anroid and iOS:

  • Disable ads – 6s*3i39epg6
  • Revive – 6w*48a6eu55

Dune! – an entertaining arcade with excellent graphics and simple gameplay. In it, the user will control the movement of the ball rolling through the desert. Management is very easy and is done with one finger. The player’s task is to earn as many points as possible and reach the maximum distance. To earn points, you need not only to move forward, but also to soar into the sky, crossing the white line. However, such actions are fraught with the fact that the ball can break when landing, so you need to be careful.


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