The company FunGenerationLab released a new game called Dune Wars. Since this is a strategy, in it you will collect resources, build buildings and build an army for epic battles. Colorful strategy from the creators of games like Bike Up, GX Racing and other less popular games. As usual, in online strategy you will be striving for the championship on the world map. In this case, you will meet with the most powerful players. Hacking Dune Wars, this is an excellent opportunity to get additional resources in the form of diamonds and gold. And using this article, you will not only learn about the existence of codes, but also learn how to use them.

Epic battles

Since any strategy begins with the construction of the base, this game is no exception. The scientist will introduce you to the course of the matter and tell you about the correct use of rubies and gold in the game. Hacked Dune Wars for Android, this is a free game, but without a game store you can hardly play for long. In addition to the restriction in resources, after almost every battle there is advertising. To avoid similar moments, in the game you can use promotional codes.

Dune Wars Hack

Following the training, you will be able to learn the main elements of management. Building construction takes a large layer of resources. Because of the need to wait for the completion of the building, you should use red rubies. This is the legal and the easiest way to speed up the passing of the game and raise the level. In conclusion, I will say that this game is worth the attention of fans of the genre, and having unlimited resources to play becomes even more interesting.

Game process

Because each player wants to win, the level of competition in the game is quite high. To cope with a competitor you need to have an advantage. Dune Wars mod has already downloaded hundreds of thousands of players, so there will be plenty of contenders. At the same time, everyone can build a unique base and use his own strategy. This makes every fight unpredictable and interesting. Almost every time you have to adjust and change tactics to change the course of the battle.

Dune Wars cheat

It may also be that the enemy will be much stronger. In this case, you will have to use the additional skills and abilities of your army. Dune Wars money is given freedom of purchase, which allows you to quickly develop with each fight. Going to the level of top players is much easier. Compared to donators, the average player has little chance of winning. Inventories of resources are spent much faster than there is an opportunity to replenish them.

Graphic arts

The game has beautiful 3D graphics, the actions are deployed in the desert. During the passage you will move to different locations. Attack opponents to expand their possessions. Dune Wars cheats give the opportunity to quickly improve their level compared to competitors. Defend the base and develop research centers. In the game you will observe beautiful animation and effects.

Dune Wars codes

And on a busy base constantly something moves, run units. This creates an impression of constant action, use the rubies Dune Wars, as counts. This is the best opportunity to strengthen their positions and adjust the base. From the level of your base will depend on the capabilities of the army. Develop buildings and expand the territory. The codes work on Android, iOS devices, but it’s very important to use them correctly.

Dune Wars hack for Android and iOS for free:

• Reserve gold for a maximum (quantity depends on the level of your warehouse) – XYb745TiZ
• Get 8,970 rubies for free, code – GDg4564MFjD
• Disable ads in the game – HZA4634O5j


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