Dungeon & Heroes hack

Dungeon & Heroes, is an RPG game from DroidHen, the makers of Defender 3, Fort Conquer and other games. In it you can get the experience of fighting with real players. First you need to start building a castle and assemble a team of heroes. Explore new lands to gather information and get valuable items for further passage. The game will please fans of this genre with a large amount of content. Hacked Dungeon & Heroes, is a game with unlimited resources, diamonds and money. In the article you will find codes for gems, coins, and also valuable tips.

Become king

To participate in hostilities you need to have a team of heroes. Do research and expand ownership. Dungeon & Heroes for Android has a number of features and gives a unique experience. Since you are waiting for a large number of battles, you need to be ready for battle at any time. Each study of new territories is a clash with other players. To successfully develop, you need to destroy the castles of others and get their resources.

Dungeon & Heroes mod

Send an army to the enemy, smash their heroes and get valuable rewards. A large number of travel adventures at every turn and exciting battles. Spend resources on improving your own castle, improve skills and improve strategy. Since the game has dozens of heroes, each player can create a unique army. Spend resources on learning heroes and constantly improve skills.

Game process

The game combines several genres, while giving a mixed experience. Download Dungeon & Heroes mod for money, will allow you to use the most powerful heroes in the team and raise the level of locks. Build a castle, develop and expand the army, conduct training and renovation of buildings. Other kingdoms will challenge you like a king. Be ready to fight back and win for the sake of further development.

Each battle is an opportunity to get valuable rewards, new hero cards and upgrades. To become stronger the player will need a lot of money Dungeon & Heroes. You can get them using cheat codes. And if you unite with friends and create your own guild, there will always be support. This is a great feature for such a competitive game. Use the alliance to have the support of tribesmen.

Game features

• A huge map for the game, the real location of the locks.
• Ability to become a king and build your own castle.
• Collecting a team in which heroes can enter from all over the world.
• Build a strategy to fight and constantly improve skills.
• Valuable rewards, Dungeon & Heroes diamonds, and working cheat codes for money.
• Additionally, discover new lands and participate in real battles.
• In the game you can team up with friends and play together.

Dungeon & Heroes cheat

Graphic design

This adventure gives an extensive experience in the game on a huge map. All elements of the game are made in 3D graphic design. Pictures are clear and have a high degree of detail. And the sounds only reinforce the dangerous experience of the game. Dive into massive battles, fight with real players. Cheats Dungeon & Heroes, this is a great opportunity to get an advantage when passing. In addition, you can download free hacked Crush the Castle: Siege Master for Android and iOS.

Promotional codes allow you to get game sets from the game store, for free. This is a great chance to upgrade and unlock the paid features of the game. This method works on Android, iOS devices. You do not need to download the mod from other sites, follow the prompts and get sets of resources.

Dungeon & Heroes hack, Android and iOS:

• Value Pack 499 – TNMC0FYG
• Equipment Pack 999 – TJIGUGWV
• Treasure Pack 999 – TJUM36V5
• Monthly Card – TVCG7W1J
• Hero Pack 999 – TAUG1ZWY
• Lv 11 Pack – TYP2CFX1


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