Dungeon Hunter 4 – The fourth part of the sensational RPG game. When you wake up, you discover that the nightmare has not ended, and the demons, reigning their bloody sabbath on your land. The plot became even more saturated and tangled. Opponents became more, and bosses are more powerful. But your player is no longer the green rookie that any demon can sweep around. Use hacked Dungeon Hunter 4 for free, without mod apk downloading.

Before you knit into battle, choose one of the four characters and equip it to hunt demons. Each of the heroes has its own super abilities and secrets, so thoroughly study them. The warrior inflicts strong chopping blows, which penetrate the defense of the enemy completely. The swordsman is quick and clever and few can resist his sword. The guard is dangerous both close, and in long-range combat. And, at last, the secret of the magician, the magnificent sorcerer is its ability to kill at a distance with the help of magical abilities. Our cheat codes Dungeon Hunter 4 will help you to get free Cash.

Dungeon Hunter 4 mod

Secrets and Tips:

Faced with the enemies and defeating them on the battlefield, do not rush to celebrate the victory. First, collect military trophies. They will be useful to you for creating new types of weapons and various amulets, and also serve to improve them. Hack the game without downloading Dungeon Hunter 4 mod apk for the crystals, will help equip your hero in the best armor, improve his weapons and pump ability for the maximum level.

Without this, the game will be super complicated. Different modes of the game are available – network with friends, team fights, online PVP, cooperative. Go to meet adventure and pave the way through a crowd of bloodthirsty demons and other enemies! Dungeon Hunter 4 hack for android – the long-awaited continuation of the epic saga of the opposition of good and evil.

Dungeon Hunter 4 codes


This game of RPG / slasher genre will make you feel like a mighty warrior, a fast fencer, a wise war mage or a cunning and dexterous guardian. There are four classes of character, each of which has its own unique system of pumping and development. The game traversed by the magician will be very different from the one played by the warrior. Players will also be pleased with the ramified system of improving weapons and armor with the help of trophies found on the battlefield. There are three formats of online battles: joint passage, PvP and deathmatch.

Dungeon Hunter 4 graphics will appeal to fans of bright, spectacular magical effects, sparks, carved on the scales of demons, and the natural shine of gold found in hiding places – this component of the game is at a very high level. An exciting plot will not let even the most experienced players get bored: the main character will meet several dozen NPCs with unique characters, voices and appearance. Also, try the hacked Blood and Glory.

Dungeon Hunter 4 cheat

Cheat codes Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack, for Android and iOS, free:

  • Get + 790 000 Crystals for free – Ca-h2g039f
  • Unock any 5 Items – Dq-ftg239f
  • Double Exp and Lives – Zp-gt329fi
  • No Ads – Ke-th23g09f


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