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Dungeon Madness – online multiplayer game for android. You have to explore the many dungeons. Destroying the indigenous people of those places and getting a decent reward for it. You will manage a simple brave boy who suddenly wanted fame and money. For which he went in search of adventure and feats in the gloomy dungeons of the game. Initially, your character has low starting characteristics and skills, and as a weapon only has a basic staff. In the first minutes the game introduces you to the management and features of the gameplay. In which the main task is to destroy various monsters of the dungeon, as well as to research it in search of untold treasures. You can download Dungeon Madness mod apk for free.

Dungeon Madness cheat


Treasures are scattered in a variety of places, there are even secret rooms that need to find the key. A feature of the game Dungeon Madness is that if you start to pass a level. You must pass it to the end (hatch or stairs), as there is no possibility to survive during the passage of the level. And in case of death you will have to start the level again. In search of the hero’s treasures, the mysterious inhabitants of the dungeon are waiting. Ready to tear the uninvited guest into pieces. Use cheats Dungeon Madness for Android and iOS.

Dungeons are teeming with ghosts, skeletons, zombies and other otherworldly monsters, which, by the way, look more comical than ominous. To fight against them, your character has not only standard weapons, but also magic scrolls with various spells. Therefore, as the game progresses, you can safely reshape the skills of a hero from an archer into a mage, or a knight, and vice versa. Hacked Dungeon Madness will gives you free Gold.


  • 13 floors for study
  • A large number of swords, shields, heads and more
  • 7 spells with different properties
  • Improve your character
  • A large number of enemies
  • 55 dangerous dungeons
  • 15 different skills
  • Thousands of monsters, goblins, orcs, skeletons
  • 7 unique bosses
  • Ability to pump skills and equipment

Dungeon Madness codes

Since, for killed monsters you get a reward and also collect coins at the level. Then having accumulated a sufficient amount you can spend it on learning the necessary skills. Also in the game there is a donate. Which allows you to open for real money unique skills of the hero and additional spells. In addition to money, from level to level, the hero earns experience points that allow him to increase his level and open up new opportunities in character development.

In the game hack Dungeon Madness, you will control the hero from a third person, which allows you to timely avoid a sudden attack of the enemy. The graphics in the game are not of the best quality. But its drawback hides the dynamic gameplay that offers a boss fight at the end of each dungeon. Control of the game is quite simple and does not distract the player from the gameplay.

Dungeon Madness mod

Secrets and Tips:

Dungeon Madness codes – pixel RPG for Android, in which you will find yourself in a mysterious maze and will fight with enemies. Explore a huge dungeon with lots of floors, look for new items and weapons. And also use powerful spells to fight various skeletons and monsters. You need to find the Master in this dungeon, for which you came here and kill him so that he did not take over the whole world. In addition, use new hacked games: The Sims FreePlaySmash Hit.

As in the first part of DM, you will take on the role of a powerful wizard who will plow through dungeons and fight monsters. Destroying them and clearing the dungeons you will earn money and experience that you can spend to buy new equipment and pump your abilities and spells. Fight with bosses and monsters, craft items, learn powerful spells – prove your strength.

Hack Dungeon Madness Cheats for Android and iOS:

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