Are you a fan of basketball? Dunk Hit is a game that is directly related to basketball and will present a unique and interesting experience. As in basketball, your task is to take your ball and get to the basket. To achieve a high result, you must often repeat the experience and throw accurately. According to many players, the game gives an opportunity to spend interesting time, thanks to simple gameplay and management to play very interesting. However, the game will not be easy, if you do not have the skills, you need a lot of training. To unlock all the balls in the game, you can use hack Dunk Hit, or pay a couple of dollars. The game was developed by Voodoo, so in the game you will see a lot of advertising. In the article you will learn more from the game, and also find free cheat codes.

How to play

The game Dunk Hit is very similar to the game Flappy Bird, on the screen a basketball ring, on the right or left of the screen. You will have a ball, and with a simple movement on the screen you can throw it towards the ring. When you release your finger, it will fly along the intended path, you can do this endlessly, until the ball gets into the basket you will receive extra points. All Dunk Hit balls can be unlocked in the game only if you achieve maximum skill, or use secret codes in the game.

Dunk Hit hack

With every abandoned ball the game will get complicated, there will be times when you need to quickly throw the ball into the basket. After completing the level, you will see a balloon and you will need to have time to throw the ball. No time to relax, with every abandoned ball you need to continue to pass the quest and earn precious points. Record Dunk Hit is difficult to establish, you need to constantly improve their skills. Try to throw balls and get the text of Perfects, in order to increase your result faster. In the game you will compete with friends and other players, share achievements in social networks.

All balls Dunk Hit

The main ball in the game is a real, basketball. Dunk Hit Mod has a wide variety of balls in color and shape. To unlock them all you can spend your points, or use the codes on the balls. New balls have a different appearance, but the gameplay and physics do not change at the same time. You can throw in a ring a variety of objects in the form of a melon, or cake, to diversify the gameplay. Voodoo constantly diversifies the gameplay, adding new balls and opportunities, achieving great results you can get a unique gaming experience.

Dunk Hit cheats

There is a lot of advertising in the game that you will watch after each unsuccessful throw. This is very annoying for a long game, because every time it’s a couple of seconds of time, to watch foreign products. Disable advertising in the game can be for money, or by disconnecting the Internet, using hack Dunk Hit, you can disable it using the code and play with access to the network.┬áDo not confuse this game with another arcade called Dunk Line.

Graphic of the game

Games from the company are always simple, but interesting, the same applies to this development. Realistic images of balls, rings and sounds will allow you to immerse yourself in the process and penetrate the atmosphere. It’s interesting to play, and the game takes tens of megabytes on the phone. Run the game anywhere and enjoy free gameplay.

Dunk Hit Hack

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