Dunk Line

The developer Ketchapp specializes in creating simple games with unique gameplay. The game Dunk Line is not an exception, and it is perfect for those who want to kill time, or hold it interesting. The game from this team always gets good reviews, they not only entertain, but also develop and train the reaction. It will be hard to stop and I want to continue playing such interesting games. In this article, you will find out whether you can get a hacked Dunk Line, but before that, consider the game itself.

Simple gameplay

The company Ketchapp is already known among gamers, it makes simple, but exciting games that download millions. No story, or complex gameplay, simple actions that you want to repeat an infinite number of times. In the Dunk Line for Android, you need to roll the ball into the basket, you need to draw lines on the screen to create the correct trajectory.

Dunk Line coins

Each level has a different number of basketballs when they are in the air, you need to draw lines that will direct them to the basket. For this it is enough to hold the screen in the right place. It’s very simple and interesting from the first level, but at the beginning of the game it’s too easy to feel real excitement. With each level will grow complexity, the number of balls. This is often confusing, but you need the maximum concentration to complete the level.

Dunk Line you can earn a lot of money only if you can collect x3, x4 points. To do this, each level must be successful. By collecting the maximum number of points, you will receive more rewards. To do this, you need to have excellent skills and be able to quickly draw on the screen. But not everything is so simple, except for balls on the screen will appear bombs, getting into the basket your lives are taken away and you lose.

An Unusual Game

To successfully pass the levels, you need to think creatively and find ways to succeed. It is necessary to think and analyze the situation quickly and find a way to solve it. You can download Dunk Line mod for free, but there are a lot of ads in the game that you can turn off for a small fee. In our article you will find cheat codes for gems and the inclusion of paid functions. This should help you set new records and get even more fun from the game.

Dunk Line hack

You can play indefinitely, until you lose, to get through the passage you can watch the commercial, or pay a little money. The player loses as soon as he loses the ball, or the bomb hits the trash. After losing, just press the “Play” button and you can continue to enjoy the game. Hack Dunk Line is necessary for those who want to set a big record and beat the achievements of friends. Use social networks to share your achievements.

You can play without advertising, just turn off the Internet. But this is not suitable for everyone and you can skip an important message. Using the codes, the player on Android, iOS can free disable advertising and continue to play the original version of the game. It’s worth doing only if there is no way to support the developer. We also recommend other popular arcade games such as Helix Jump.

Graphics and conclusions

Developers once again prove that the game with 2D graphics can be interesting and beloved for a million users. This is also an advantage, because more gamers can download this game to the device, since it takes tens of megabytes of free space. Graphically, the ball, the lines and the basket are very simple but create a pleasant impression. Dunk Line for Android is one of the most exciting arcades, download and share your achievements in the comments.

download mod Dunk Line

To enjoy the game even more, you can use free codes, following the tips in the instructions, everyone can get a lot of money into the account and turn on the necessary functions. This method works on Android, iOS devices.

Hacked Dunk Line:

  • + 5 000 crystals (code for a lot of money, you can enter several times) – 9Q#RWOc0P1X
  • Disable ads, free of charge – DQ#OTQ3QOHi


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