Game Earn to Die 3, this is a continuation of the famous series, which has millions of fans. Earlier we considered hack Earn to Die 2, in the same article will be the secrets of the new version of the game. This is a race involving all your loved ones, zombies. With the help of wheels and installed weapons, you need to destroy the dead and escape from the bosses’ attacks. This is a dynamic action game for fans of post apocalypse themes. Hacked Earn to Die 3 for money is available for gamers for Android, iOS with the help of codes. In addition, you will learn everything about this method, but first let’s talk about the game itself.

New cars and places

In the new version of the game, Not Doppler added new cars of different classes and locations. Earn to Die 3 for Android has experienced great changes, since the release of the previous part, zombies have become much smarter. Now they will use their own transport to chase you. In conclusion, it will take a quick auto and powerful weapon to break away from the huge boss. To make money in the game, you still need to destroy the enemies in crowds and gain maximum points.

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The game is known to millions of gamers, fans appreciate it for its unique gameplay. Previous version downloaded more than 50 million users with an average rating of 4.6. This is a real success for the developer, so the new version of the game did not take long to wait. The company every year makes fans happy with fresh gameplay and new features.

Game process

To pass assignments, the player needs to have transport. In the game you will find new, lost cars and make of them killer cars. Earn to Die 3 will find a lot of money for the modernization and installation of parts. The game has a flexible system of settings, so there is always a lack of resources. In addition, they are sold through the game store, but with promotional codes, you can always replenish your account with resources.

In the new version of the game you will be haunted by a large auto zombie. She will chase you and steal as soon as she catches up. This will make you constantly move as fast as possible, avoiding obstacles. Follow the indicators of life, at the bottom left of the screen. The green bar is equal to one life, they need to be saved to complete the level. To get away from the pursuit will help you improve the car and install new parts.

Features of the game

• Smarter zombies that will haunt you.
• New types of cars and opportunities for improvements (trucks and sports cars are available).
• Dozens of items to improve combat qualities, install thorns and cannons.
• New locations and places of the city, chase the ice outpost and swamp.
• New types of zombies and obstacles.
• Earn to Die 3 mod, as in runners, you will have a pursuer.
• Epic physics and hundreds of interesting levels.

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Graphics and sounds

With each release of the new version of the game, developers improve the graphics, increase the detail. Effects and physics very colorfully scatter zombies around, and explosions add epic. Cheats Earn to Die 3 will unlock new cars, items and locations. By installing new spikes, weapons will change appearance. Buying items in the game store will allow you to break away from the zombies and quickly complete the level.

Using Earn to Die 3 codes, you can get a lot of money and customization points and carry out upgrades. This method works on Android, iOS devices and gives endless resources. In conclusion, Codes can be used several times, you do not need to get root, jailbreak right. In addition, you can unlock new weapons, install large guns and unlock new locations.

Collect new pieces of the map to unlock new locations. Clear the area of ​​zombies and get valuable rewards. This is a new, epic adventure for fans of the genre. The previous part of this series of games has become very popular. As a result, proceeding from this, the developers are waiting for a similar result regarding this game.

Overview Earn to Die 3

Earn to Die 3 – the continuation of arcade races on android from the company Not Doppler, in which the player needs to escape from hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. As in the first and second parts, the terrible virus began to spread unexpectedly across the Earth, turning infected into walking dead. The only hope for survival is to hide in a fortified city.

The protagonist learns about this thanks to the call of the military, speaking on the last surviving television channel. As a result, he has to make a desperate breakthrough to the cherished goal, the path to which is blocked by waves of violent monsters. He can only rely on his own skills, skills and his car.

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Management in Earn to Die 3 did not change at all in comparison with the previous game. All the same to the right are the keys of gas and acceleration, and pressing the left will turn your “iron horse” in the air. Get to a safe place will have a very limited supply of fuel. Probably, to survive, it is necessary to realize the potential of its car by one hundred percent, without becoming tired of acquiring additional improvements. So, the car will be very useful more voluminous fuel tank, as well as auxiliary spiked armor.

The additional acceleration module will help to overcome the distance to the target faster, and the remote weapon will allow shooting enemies, not giving them an opportunity to approach us. Spares are not given for nothing – they need to be earned by constant raids through hordes of cannibals. Earn to Die 3 – a cruel and adrenaline game, which will please fans of racing and zombie-themed.

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