Empire Z mod

Participate in strategic battles in the new game Empire Z. These are applications from the company Elex, the creators of Last Battleground, Magic Rush: Heroes and other bestsellers. Since the game is related to the theme of survival, here you will find dozens of types of mutating zombies and armies with thousands of enemies. Therefore, you will need to build a city that can protect itself in the event of a zombie attack. Collect resources, use diamonds to improve buildings. Hacked Empire Z, this is the original version of the game using promotional codes. Let’s get acquainted with this game.

Build a database

Do the orders of your curator, it will help to perform the initial settings of the database. To start the fight, just press the “Start” button. This is not only a great way to test your protection for strength, but also the opportunity to obtain additional resources. Empire Z on Android, it’s a free strategy with a lot of content. Because of the high competition, you need to constantly improve your skills and develop the base.

Empire Z hack

Construction of the base begins with small buildings, in addition to the central buildings you need to install towers. This element is borrowed from the genre TD, in which the result of the battle will depend on the arrangement of the defense. To defeat zombies in the game you need to use powerful weapons and constantly upgrade buildings. Develop your own strategy to protect key points on the base, because of the wide variety of content, everyone can create a unique city.

Gameplay, battles

To survive, you need to constantly improve the base, raise the level. Download Empire Z mod for a lot of money, or unlimited diamonds are a big advantage for users. Since the strategic game has purchases, with the help of cheat codes you can get a lot of resources and freely unlock the necessary elements. In addition to this, you will compete with other players for the title City Landord.

Empire Z cheat

Defend your civilization, gather the strongest army and defeat the enemy. During the battle, you will be able to install new towers and protective buildings. Empire Z a lot of money in the game give free shopping, only this can save civilization and the planet from destruction. With each task, the power of the enemy grows, to survive you need to be ready for battle every moment. This is an interesting and colorful strategy for fans of mobile games.


Since the game describes post-apocalyptic battles, it would be strange to see a bright schedule. Consequently, the developer tried to convey the mood of the apocalypse and immerse you in history. Here you will see dozens of zombie species with unique characteristics, huge enemy troops and highly detailed elements. The game has vertical graphics, it’s quite easy to manage. A personal assistant will introduce you to the case, and the codes of Empire Z on money will be presented with additional sets of game currency and a significant advantage.

Empire Z codes


If you love strategy, then this is a great way to spend an interesting time. Build your city to protect civilization from mutating zombies. Everyone has the opportunity to unlock equipment and use powerful equipment to protect, paid items are bought for diamonds Empire Z.

To protect yourself and the built city, you need a secure base. Use scientific technology to provide a technical breakthrough and increase the chances of survival. Every time you compete with players from all over the world for the title of the safest city. An important source of resources is the robbery of other players, be ready for attacks.

Empire Z hack for Android and iOS:

• 17,850 diamonds free of charge, code (can be reusable) – x8_Ig683UF
• Disable ads in the game – nK_8390Trf


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