The gameplay Epic Battle Simulator 2 will be understandable to many, because the game is not the first of its kind. The continuation was even more qualitative, and he still does not have any special competitors. Therefore, soon turn into a great commander and win any battles! The gameplay is basically the same, and you will not have to study it for a long time. Each level represents a large-scale battle, in which a competently selected army wins. Before the fight, assess the situation and choose the best type of troops.

Use hacked Epic Battle Simulator 2 for free. The cost of hiring soldiers is different, but it is better to pay attention to the strategy, rather than calculating costs, because following the guidance, everyone can get a lot of money on the account for free. For sure, you know about first part of this game: Epic Battle Simulator. Also, you can try new free popular hack MouseBot.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 cheat


The army in the game can be the most unpredictable. A huge number of warriors are available, among them: crossbowmen, archers, infantry, musketeers, elephants and many others. The list of weapons will also be pleased with the presence of guns, catapults, etc. Each time the detachment can be unique, the main thing is to pick it right! You can download Epic Battle Simulator 2 mod apk.

It’s worth noting that you do not need to fully control the battle. Soldiers themselves are moving to the enemies and trying to kill them. After the destruction of enemy forces, the player receives a reward, and the opportunity to proceed to a new task.

Secrets and Tips:

The game has a network mode, but it is much more difficult to win there because of the overall rating. Cheats Epic Battle Simulator 2 will allow you to get sets of game currency and get a significant advantage when passing.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 codes

Conquer such a table can only be the best commanders. Get experience in common tasks, and show your skills in multiplayer. The chance to top the rating is for every player! The style of graphic design in the game remains the same, but the quality has improved noticeably. Polygonal graphics look extremely interesting, in combination with realistic physics and new effects, it will give maximum pleasure. Realistic and scale battles are guaranteed!


Epic Battle Simulator 2 – sequel to the famous strategy, in which the player is invited to re-wear the lads of the commander and lead his troops to victory. The gameplay since the first part has not undergone significant changes. Each level is a battle, before which you must select several units and send them to fight.

Fights occur automatically, the user is here in the role of observer and reaps the fruits of victory in the form of crystals and gold coins. Depending on the situation, several types of fighters can be selected here. Present as the usual infantrymen, archers and mounted cavalry, and exotic fighting elephants and giants. Success will come only if the player demonstrates tactical training and gathers a detachment capable of putting pressure on the weak points of the enemy’s soldiers.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 mod

Among the advantages of the game Epic Battle Simulator 2 can be identified:

  • Convenient management of army development;
  • A huge number of options for selecting detachments;
  • Realistic physics;
  • High-quality and beautiful graphics with amazing effects;
  • Interesting multiplayer mode;
  • Realistic soundtrack.

Much more colorful graphics and elaborate animation show that the developers have done a good job and increased their visual merits. There is also a multiplayer in which you can compete with the best players of the world and push them in the overall ranking. Epic Battle Simulator 2 – an excellent continuation, which will appeal to fans of the first part and all fans of strategic games.

Codes for hacked Epic Battle Simulator 2, Android and iOS:

  • Unlock Minigun – G84EWDVS6
  • Unlock Fire Dragon – A5F5Y6YKP
  • Gem-pack 15,000 – 2IFW8C11Y
  • Unlock Guardian – RVCC7HRG7
  • Gem-pack 50,000 – 48F9CNJTD
  • Unlock Samurai – LSZLW9CKE
  • Free Video Bonus & Remove Ads – 2KEUDPAP7
  • Gem-pack 7,000 – ROJFTTM8U


  1. Nice game. I like it. Thanks for the codes. Really appreciate it. I got the spartan and samurai. Hehe. But thanks again.


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