Eternity Legends hack

Create your own team and participate in battles. The game Eternity Legends will delight a wide variety of modes and opportunities. Navigate through the locations, collecting valuable items, boosters and bonuses. Fights against Thanatos and other bosses are key tests for your skills. Hacked Eternity Legends allows you to buy items. Unlimited coins and crystals, this is a chance to complete the game at the most difficult level and get possession of the strongest team.

Strategic RPG game

A bright game with a large variety of locations and endless battles. Eternity Legends mod gives you an extensive experience of traveling and meeting with bosses. Each battle is an opportunity to improve the team, or to diversify it with more powerful heroes. Since the battles take place in many different places, you will travel a lot. But first of all in the game there is not enough plot, after downloading Eternity Legends mod, you quickly immerse yourself in battles and begin your journey.

Eternity Legends codes

Use cheats Eternity Legends for free. Perhaps with updates, the developers will add a story that will immerse gamers in history. Additionally, you will receive daily tasks, each time it is a battle with the bosses, or a battle in the arena. In any case, this is a great opportunity to get extra money and gold. Move between locations, build a strong team and improve your strategy. You can hone your skills in various game modes.

Game process

Eternity Legends on Android released famous company DIVMOB. In the game there are gods and Thanatos, choose your side and build an army. Turn-based battles with the participation of several heroes allows you to combine skills and attacks. Each player has a list of warriors at the bottom of the screen. The unique abilities of the characters inflict damage to the enemy, multiple of their forces. To win battles, you need to skillfully use the skills of your team and combine attacks.

Due to the diversity of heroes, everyone can create a unique team. Since the game Eternity Legends is free, there are purchases in it. Having money for an RPG game provides a significant advantage for donators. First of all it is a variety of skills. The rarest and most valuable can be purchased for crystals, or to get in paid sets. And from this will depend on the strength of the team. Therefore, cheat codes for gold and precious stones save not only money but also time.

Eternity Legends mod

Graphics and sounds

Animated 3D graphics will move you a fantastic world. During the passage, you will be able to visit various places and discover new locations. Every day new tasks and opportunities for discovery. Thanks to the colorful effects and high detail you can feel the power of epic weapons. Equipment allows you to change the appearance of the character, so that also affects the characteristics. Eternity Legends cheats will help join the strong guild. At any time, you can call on allies to help and gain additional strength. Also, use other game Grancrest War hack.

With increasing difficulty, the size of the rewards increases. Collect rare materials and items to get the mysterious gods. Meeting with the boss, this is a real test of your skills. Thanks to a large variety of modes, you can experience a motley experience and climb to the top. Eternity Legends codes for money will increase your rank and allow you to get rare trophies. By following the instructions, everyone can get extra money into the account and unlock rare items.

Eternity Legends Hack, Android and iOS Cheat codes:

  • 125,000 gold coins – 2QYRCukLK
  • 8,750 crystals – X2wAv6rxC
  • Disable advertising – 8mh48ycVR


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