Euro Truck Driver - 2018 mod

Ovidiu Pop has released a new truck simulator on mobile devices. Euro Truck Driver – 2018, this is a new generation game for fans of racing games. Here you will see the graphics of the new generation, as well as extensive options for customizing the car. Become a truck driver, enjoy the landscapes outside the windows of cars and travel between cities. Deliver cargo and earn a lot of money to buy a new car. Hack Euro Truck Driver – 2018 for money, will allow you to get a large margin for purchases.

Travel around Europe

The creators of Farmer Sim 2018, Truck Simulator USA and other popular games released a new simulator. They quickly called it the best of the series, as the use of new technologies has significantly improved the gameplay. Euro Truck Driver – 2018 on Android will only take 29 MB on your device, but it will be a lot of fun. To download a game mod you do not have to have a flagship phone model.

Euro Truck Driver - 2018 hack

The game has dozens of realistic models of cars for choice. Having reached the base you can choose one of the cargoes. When choosing a shipment, you can see the amount of reward for the delivery, destination and distance. In the beginning, games should be taken for any tasks in order to earn money for modernization. In the game store, there are many items and items available to improve the look and performance.


Experience the role of trucker in the vastness of Europe. Euro Truck Driver – 2018 mod, gives unique opportunities and a realistic driving experience. Enjoy the journey through beautiful places and crowded trails, delivering a variety of goods. Realistic scenarios and missions, buy new cars and sit in a brand new showroom. High realism of the game requires a large number of buttons on the screen.

Euro Truck Driver - 2018 cheat

Switch gears, use the touch buttons to control the auto on the track. In addition to the main controls, on the main screen there are buttons for turning on the headlights, wipers, walkie-talkies and navigation. Navigation and speedometer are at the center of the screen, this helps to navigate. On the map are important marks in the form of refuellings, recreation points and bases. Euro Truck Driver – 2018 a lot of money in the game is spent on upgrading the car. You can change the look and use the tuning.

Graphics and sounds

The trucker’s simulator is a breakthrough, despite the small size of the game you will be able to enjoy realistic graphics. 3D game has items of high detail. Using the codes Euro Truck Driver – 2018 you will be able to unlock all brands of cars and test them on the road. Carry loads by different cars and choose your favorite, in the garage you can improve the technical characteristics.

Euro Truck Driver - 2018 codes

The game allows you to change the angle of the camera and choose a convenient angle for control. Explore the open world, explore cities and advance in your career. The game has several modes, in multiplayer you can play with your friends, competing for achievements and speed of delivery. Unlock auto European brands and freely navigate the map. Follow the signs on the navigator, you can find jobs and take on the delivery.

Euro Truck Driver – 2018 hack

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Enjoy free shopping, unlock cars, customize and repair. Following the advice, everyone can get extra money into the account.


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