Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia mod

Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia this is the continuation of a series of games that has millions of fans. A cult hit of ski-fi is available for free download for Android, iOS. Many players were waiting for the release and were trying to find out the release date. But now the game is available for free download. Travel to the universe of Utopia, now this is a third-person shooter, here you can enjoy the elements of action and strategic battles. Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia hack for gems and fuel will give an advantage when passing.

Description of the game

Develop your team in a new RPG game with millions of fans. Here you will play a third person in a colorful action game. Mod Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia for Android is available for download on Google Play, everyone can experience for free a superb graphics and interesting gameplay. Many updates and improvements, the game gives a unique battle atmosphere. Study the story and train, you have a long way to build a team and strategy in battles with the enemy.

Evolution 2 The Battle hack

The game will move you to the planet Utopia, a galactic resort for residents of different galaxies. But the war looters attacked the planet, you have to clean the planet of robots and monsters, which mercilessly destroy all life. In the game everyone is fighting against everyone, different races have started a war for power over the planet. A wide variety of opponents and weapons, requires you to have special skills and skills to wage war.


The game was due in the distant 2016, but y.com B.V. decided to work on many changes, mix genres. This and RPG, and strategy and a third-person shooter. In the game you will become a participant in the ruthless war of all against all. Various times fight with marauders, Captain Blake can not cope alone, so hack Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia, gives an opportunity to assemble a team. Unblock characters in the team, open weapons and equip heroes with powerful equipment.

In the game you can not move, at the beginning of the battle your heroes will occupy a favorable position, the rest is in your hands. Use the arrows to move the sight from side to side. On the right will be your arsenal of weapons. Target, or fire a burst, except for the main weapon, you can use grenades and rocket launchers. Your assistants will fight automatically. Based on the results you will receive valuable rewards and the ability to upgrade your equipment.


The game has excellent graphics of high quality, detailing items and characters at the highest level. Smooth animation and precise control allows you to effectively fight and distinguish between enemies at a distance. The game will immerse you in a space adventure with a mix of different genres. Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia Cheats for gems and money will allow you to quickly raise the level in the RPG part of the game and develop the team. Enjoy action fighting with a high level of realism and accurate shooting.

Evolution 2 The Battle cheats

Victory over a strong opponent will bring additional rewards in the form of fuel and precious stones. Use resources to pump the character and his allies. Every time you can test new weapons. Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia a lot of money in the game give freedom, develop weaknesses, to collect an invincible team.

In the game you can pass PvE mode, performing complex missions and tasks. The enemy is stronger each time, you need strong allies and powerful weapons to defeat the bosses. Increasing the level and gaining experience, you can challenge other players in multiplayer mode. If you are interested in a similar genre of games, then get acquainted with the game Forces of Freedom, which also will bring you much pleasure.

Use cheat codes in the game to get unique bonuses and opportunities in the game, this will make the game even more interesting and will give a significant advantage.

Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia hack

  • 25,000 gems – Evo2BAR5S6
  • 25 000 fuels – Evo2Nkrj9x
  • Double experience – Evo2iSjAsN
  • Disable ads in the game – Evo2X0kv7b

Develop your database faster, open new opportunities using this type of hacking. It’s a safe and fast way to get a lot of money in the game for free. Follow the tips and enjoy the game without limits.


  1. The game is just avesome,i already played the original game and because it was soo good i started playing the second one as well and as i expected the game did not disapoint me.I am still at the begining but with the help of the codes i hope to have a wonderfull experience playing this game. Thank you for perfect and simple hack, guys!!!


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