Mobile application Faily Brakes is a fascinating runner, where for the user prepared a huge number of insidious tests. At the initial stage, you will operate a conventional machine. In order to successfully complete the level, it is necessary to successfully overcome all kinds of obstacles represented by trees, rocks, trains, streams and other objects. Hacked Faily Brakes allows you to get money in addition to the account. The codes work on Android & iOS devices, they do not need to download mod files, or get root & jailbreak rights.


In the event that a player fails to manage and falls into an accident, the stage will have to be restarted. As you progress through Faily Brakes, you will discover a variety of useful things. Some of them are right on the road, the main thing is to have time to pick them up. Other things are required to buy for coins, which are earned upon successful completion of the level and the collection of the gold moment. In the game store on the shelves are very useful artifacts, for example, a special shield, allowing without consequences to transfer one collision. You should download Faily Brakes mod apk for free and use cheats.

Faily Brakes mod

In addition, it contains all kinds of vehicles with unique properties. Each of them is quite expensive, so you’ll have to work hard to make money for them. It should be noted that the developers of the project regularly update their offspring, which significantly expands the gaming capabilities of cheat codes Faily Brakes.

In addition, this mobile application has a number of positive qualities, among which:

  • Pleasant three-dimensional graphics, performed in the style of children’s cartoons;
  • Despite the fantastic nature of the game, the project has a realistic movement mechanics;
  • The musical and visual components are filled with nostalgia, because when creating these aspects, Christmas motifs were used;
  • The application is equipped with a user-friendly interface, where an intuitive manual is noted;
  • Support for the reproduction of the most epic moments;
  • Control optimized for the specificity of touchscreens;
  • World leaderboard.

Faily Brakes codes

Game description:

Faily Brakes mod – is the extreme driving of a car that has lost control or with failed brakes. Your hero, one way or another, will have an accident, but how much will be the experience and adventure – it depends only on you. Phil – the owner of an off-road car, on which he goes to the mountains – to ride. While on the mountain, he notices that his brakes failed and now a pleasant walk turns into a death attraction, because from now on any turn, pebble or too sharp slope can kill the driver and smash his car into splinters.

Cheats Faily Brakes hacked version will open before you the most complex tracks and unique cars. Off-road on a completely uncontrolled transport – this is hardly up to this arcade was in your life, so do not miss the chance to have fun, download the game and start to conquer the mountain slopes. And pray that this does not happen to you in reality, as the percentage of survival in the arcade is one to one thousand. Also, use hacked games: Horizon Chase – World TourDancing Line for free.

Faily Brakes cheat

Hack Faily Brakes cheat codes for Android and iOS:

  • The Beast – 2v*P3Ua2tW
  • The Jerry – oh*uQoJgs4
  • The Dom – 0L*mZENHJB
  • The Foxx – 0L*mZENHJB
  • The Gosling – CU*7cJncKc
  • The Monty – mI*W0m7A6S
  • Lil ‘Foot – mu*UoAH3so
  • The Max – U6*hEGcT7a
  • The Bieber – jV*vk4aJsw
  • The Swift – u3*9hiH1Nw

But if you do not lose your composure, smoothly go into turns, extinguish speed with cunning techniques and skillfully turn the steering wheel, you can finish the race without an accident, which is a sign of aerobatics. The life of Phil today depends on you and will have to try not to ruin your main and only character in the first five minutes of the game.

Faily Brakes hack is a runner whose main character is the unlucky driver. At one point, his car refused the braking system, and he had to pull out of the road, rushing down the mountain slope. The user needs to help the poor fellow not crash into the obstacles that get in the way, and also collect coins. You can buy a new car for the money received. The game can boast of a realistic physical model of the machine’s behavior, beautiful graphics and an exciting gameplay.


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