Game Family Age, this colorful simulator with the ability to move in prehistoric times. This adventure will allow you to feel yourself the head of the whole family and manage the processes. First of all, this is a farm game with colorful characters and bright objects. It has a number of advantages and features that quickly attracted the attention of gamers and made it popular. You can download the mod for free, hacked Family Age, this is an opportunity to get unlimited resources for purchases and construction. Let’s learn more about the game and its hidden possibilities.

About the game

A bright, farm game with gay heroes from primitive times. Download Family Age mod is free on Google Play. This is the only game from the developer, which brought him success and popularity. Therefore, until now it is updated and supported by the team. Thanks to the site of the construction of the farm and the environment, you can learn more about that time and learn how to survive.

Family Age mod

Use cheats Family Age for free and fast. First of all, it is necessary to conduct research in order to study the prehistoric world. they are also needed to go through several stages of civilization. Because the times are unusual, then the buildings, plants and animals have their own characteristics. Build a large family to perform many tasks and develop in the game. In the distant past, their rules and opportunities, they have to learn for a successful passage.

As usual, you have to grow plants and animals and use them to get money. Family Age money in the game have the appearance of precious stones, with their help you can buy new things, renovate buildings, conduct research and restore energy. The latter plays an important role in the passage. Each action requires energy consumption and it needs to be saved, or bought for real money.

Game process

Because of the difficult period in which you are, you need to skillfully use all the resources to survive and develop. Family Age for Android has a number of differences and the main is the content. Thanks to the prehistoric period, you will have to use the technology of those times. Unique researches will allow to study new possibilities of a civilization. To survive in such conditions is a real challenge for the family. And only huge and close-knit actions will allow you to win.

Family Age cheat

First of all you need to get a home, build houses and increase the number of your family. This is an important factor for survival, by growing helpers you will be able to use their labor and develop skills. In the process of passing you will find a lot of interesting and exciting quests. Also, try new hacked Knock Balls and SUP Multiplayer Racing games.

Secrets and Tips:

When performing tasks, you get the opportunity to get additional resources, experience and money. Since there are a lot of farms on the gaming market, this game is different in its atmosphere and capabilities. Despite this, the worries are very similar. Cultivate plants and animals, cultivate the land and expand the site. You also have to conduct research, explore the surrounding areas and find new resources.

Raising the level, new animals, plants, buildings and tasks are opened. Be ready to grow and explore new lands. The search for new resources gives a chance to go through all stages of civilization. Each member of the seven should be busy with their own business. The larger the family, the more opportunities to fulfill the set goals. Since each character has features and skills, using them for their intended purpose will improve efficiency. Energy Family Age is needed to perform every action. Increase inventory to play at any time.

Family Age codes

Features of the game

• Prehistoric times and regulations, new experience in farm games.
• Opportunity to expand the territory, open new land.
• Dozens of types of buildings, technology studies and level upgrades.
• Hacking Family Age for money, the ability to remove restrictions and speed up the passage.
• Dozens of plant and animal species you will not see in ordinary farm games.
• Create weapons and tools from improvised tools (hammers, ropes and useful things).
• Prepare prehistoric food to feed a large family.

This is an excellent game for farm enthusiasts, and Family Age codes for precious stones will only extend the experience. Follow the instructions to learn the method and get a more exciting experience with no limits.

Cheats Family Age hack, Android and iOS:

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  1. Family age is my recent favorite farm game. It excites me every time i play this game. Aside from the fact that it is adventurous it also teaches me that lifestyle of our ancestors.

    thank you so much for the code.


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