In 2018, a particularly relevant topic of football and many developers have released their own simulator. The Ketchapp team went further and released the game, a fan simulator called Fans Rush. This is a fun arcade game in which you will control a fan who climbed onto the football field. Since this is prohibited, you will have to deal with security. And its number will grow by the minute. In the game a large number of skins, you can unblock them for money, or using the hacked Fans Rush.

Escape from security

Not so often the fans manage to escape to the football field. Because of the large number of guards, it is almost impossible. And you will not be able to run around the field for a long time, a large number of guards will quickly catch you. Fans Rush for Android, this is the opportunity to be the very fan who managed to get on the field. But the close attention of the guard will not let you run long, they will try to catch you.

Fans RushFans Rush hack

Therefore, you need to be quick and accurate in your movements to stay as long as possible. It is from the time spent on the field will depend on the number of points received. This interesting and fun pastime is suitable not only for fans of football. The game has dozens of fun skins, they will diversify the game. First of all, this is a rivalry and through facebook you will be able to share your achievements with your friends.

Game process

Since ketchapp specializes in simple games with exciting gameplay, this game completely fits the standard. First you have to choose a character, then get acquainted with the controls. So, as it is very simple, after a few races you will thoroughly learn the basics. Fans Rush mod has close to 80 skins, you can unlock them for coins.

The latter, you can collect on the field during the escape, or buy in the game store. Using bonus codes, everyone can save a lot of money Fans Rush. Additionally, everyone can disable advertising in a game that pretty hampered to enjoy the process. In conclusion, I will say that this is an excellent time killer. Running the game again, it will be difficult to stop. Train management skills, use strategy and acceleration boosters to last as long as possible.

Fans Rush cheat

Graphics and sounds

Because of the simplicity of games, games of simple graphics and exciting gameplay, games are quickly gaining popularity. Because the game is simple, it can download each to your mobile. Fans Rush codes just simplify the game and allow you to get additional features. The simplicity of the graphics and the clarity of the picture allows you to navigate effectively in space and distinguish between different types of guards.

Since the game does not require an internet connection, you can play anywhere. Collect a record number of coins and unlock new skins. This will add variety to the game and allow you to set new records. If you are a fan of some team, you can find its form in the list of skins. While the mods need to be downloaded Fans Rush cheats work through the game store. Therefore, these tricks are equally easy to use for Andorid, iOS devices.

Fans Rush codes

Fans Rush Hack for Android and iOS:

• X2 experience, code – B-th3049g
• Unlock all skins – H-ghy34h9g
• Disable ads in the game – C-hy09gwe
• 10 000 coins – M-hyt30we9g


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