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Farming Simulator 16 – a unique chance to become a real farmer in the game on android. In the game there is everything necessary for this. Before you stretch the expanses of the agricultural complex. Initially, in your possession, only one field and the most necessary technique for its processing. The technique is not the most powerful, but in the first stage you will have enough of it. Use free hack Farming Simulator 16 for Android and iOS.

You have to plow, sow and harvest, which you can then sell at certain points. With the proceeds, you can expand your domain. Having bought more than one field. A large number of fields, will require a large fleet of agricultural machinery, so evenly distribute your funds. Everything is like in a real farm. You can grow potatoes, wheat, rapeseed, beets and corn, and depending on the price on the market in time to sell their products at a higher price. Tired of sowing and plowing, engage in the rearing of animals. Also, you can download Farming Simulator 16 mod apk for fre.

Farming Simulator 16 coins

Gameplay Farming Simulator 16:

You will be able to have sheep for production of wool and cows in your farm for milk production. But do not forget that animals bring their products, they need to be fed. Special equipment will be required for the preparation of hay, straw and silage, as well as equipment for the sale of milk. It is technology that is given not a small value in the game. In total, more than 20 well-known agricultural machinery manufacturers are represented. Cheats Farming Simulator 16 will help you unlock all items and Cash in the game.

Here you will find everything and tractors and combines and even special equipment for the preparation of sawn timber, or rather, sawing wood. In addition to the technique itself, you will find a wide variety of attachments, both for tillage, and for feeding the sown fields, harvesting and loading it onto the vehicle for further transportation. You can, like yourself to sit behind the wheel of a tractor or combine, and hire a virtual assistant who will do all the work for you.

Farming Simulator 16 cheat

Secrets and Tips:

Three-dimensional graphics in the game Farming Simulator 16 is striking in its quality. High accuracy of drawing small details of equipment and objects and smooth animation give the event on the screen a fairly realistic look. The sounds in the game are chosen quite competently and effectively, you can hear both the roar of the tractor and the mooing of cows and the singing of birds in the forest, the game takes you to the real world of the farm. Management in the game Farming Simulator 16 is quite simple.

It takes a few minutes to get used to the rather simple interface of the game and plunge into the life of a real farmer. Owners of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be able to test their farming skills in multiplayer mode. Good luck to everyone in spacious fields! Below you can download hacked Farming Simulator 16 for coins. In which there will be a created profile in which there will be a lot of money. If you do not need a lot of money, then create a new profile.

Farming Simulator 16 mod is the most recent of the simulators of agriculture to date. In the game you will find updated gameplay, even easier management and a variety of very different agricultural machinery, as well as automatic mode. You will not only plow the field, sow and harvest on it the harvest, but also engage in logging, digging pits and other activities that promise considerable profits. Also, try new free hack Shooty Skies.

Farming Simulator 16 codes


The goal of the game is to assemble the entire fleet of cars on your farm and lead the economy to prosperity and success. Initially, the game was generous to a small area of ​​the field, the seeds of wheat as a seed and a low-power tractor. Use them to sow and get your first crop, which you can then sell. On the money it is offered to expand its economy, to take even more fields for rent, to buy new equipment, to discover other opportunities for earning money.

Farm simulator 2016 hacked contains a game account with a lot of gold on the account. Use the mod a lot of money to expand your fleet and open other crops for sowing. In addition to wheat, you can sow your fields with rapeseed, potatoes, corn and sugar beets. In case you do not want to play with the mod, then you can make a new account.

The game supports automatic mode. You can not personally manage the transport, and set the parameters of the work and go about their business, and the technique itself will plant and harvest. And all you have to do is just give assignments, sell the harvest, and waste profits.

Farming Simulator 16 cheat codes is the continuation of a unique series of games on the android devoted to the busy farming life. What is its uniqueness? Under your control is all kinds of machines designed for agricultural work. The first of these will be a small combine harvester, which will harvest for subsequent sale. Typical on-screen buttons, as well as a gyro, are used for control. You need to keep both the direction and the speed of the machine under control.

Farming Simulator 16 mod

Unlimited resources:

Special equipment requires additional tools. You will have to choose recipes for specific types of agricultural activities. So, the well-known plow is indispensable in the matter of digging up the land for subsequent seeding. There are special devices for harvesting. Here lies the significant problem of the game – it lacks detailed guidance, through which it would become clear what is required to buy and where to go to earn money.

Hacked Farming Simulator 16 provides the possibility of automatic operation of the combine. In the time that has been freed up, you can work on the tractor or control another field. In addition, there is an opportunity to visit your personal farm and purchase livestock there to extract profit from it, selling milk and wool.

The new part of the series of games adds to the forestry, as well as special equipment for it. The materials thus obtained must be traded in a variety of markets, carefully evaluating the most beneficial offers. Farming Simulator 16 – an interesting and slightly improved farmer simulator, which you can play with your friends.

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