Flippy Bottle Extreme hack

Flippy Bottle Extreme – this is not a simple, at first glance, “bottle” genre, in which players are waiting for the occupation of popping a bottle from under the water. The main goal of the players is very elementary: you need to throw the bottle from one rack to another. To accomplish this goal, we click on it and observe how easily it does the movement and descends past the intended goal. Since immediately from the first time to transfer it to the necessary place and not everyone will be able to drop it.

The line and power of the flight of the bottle is created thanks to our pressing on it, but on the screen this pressing is not shown at all. Throwing a bottle of water to the next necessary items (shelf, pedestal, column or other place), players acquire one game point and continue to throw it further. Also, try new free hack DEER HUNTER 2017 and Fighters Club.

Flippy Bottle Extreme mod

Secrets and Tips:

A characteristic feature of the game is the presence of a large number of different mods. Here and Space, significantly changing the physics of the flight of the bottle, and hardcore, in which it is necessary to get a bottle of water on a small shelf and so on. In general, the gaming application will not bore you for a long time.

And having received a sufficient number of game points, players will be able to open other interesting bottles that will be able to diversify the game move somewhat. Click on the display of your device and release your finger in time to allow the bottle to jump. Jump on a variety of subjects in the room and try to get your bottle landed on its bottom. Exercise your own dexterity and clearly count the flight of the bottle, not allowing it to fall and fly. After successfully overcoming the level, new unique and interesting bottles will appear for the player. Play with your buddies in Flippy Bottle Extreme! and demonstrate the best result.

Character traits:

  • video graphics in retro style;
  • 2 exciting modes;
  • easy operation;
  • Leader rating;
  • about 15 different bottles for the game.

Flippy Bottle Extreme cheat

Description of the game Flippy Bottle Extreme

A pretty fun toy in which players have to manage a bottle. I think that many in the childhood took some things, threw them into the air and tried to catch back into their hands. And many wanted to do it effectively, but not always it turned out. In this application, you have to get up such things with a bottle of water. Each level is a certain test. For example, in one of them it will be necessary to throw the bottle from the TV on the shelf for flowers.

It is very important that the bottle is on the bottom, because if it falls, the passage of the task will not be counted. We added a Flippy Bottle Extreme hack, with which you can choose a bottle that is more beautiful. Some of them have not just a good color, but also an interesting shape. So choose your lucky water filler and start performing standard stunts that sometimes lead to spectacular throws.

Flippy Bottle Extreme hack, Android and iOS:

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