Fluffy Fall mod

A well-known developer of What Games released another hit last year, the game Fluffy Fall. Download it for free from Google Play and the App Store, it only takes 72 MB of free space on your phone. Optimizing the game allows you to run it on phones, tablets of any extension and enjoy the gameplay. This very funny game has already collected more than a million downloads and has an average rating of 4.8, which speaks for quality. Each player can use Fluffy Fall hack to unlock paid characters. But first, a little more acquainted with the game.

Description of the game

This mobile arcade has bright 3D graphics, simple controls and addictive gameplay. Famous developers in this genre do not make games bright and attractive, the company What Games has placed emphasis on graphics. The game is worth the attention of everyone who wants to spend an interesting time in a colorful arcade and a little distracted.

Fluffy Fall hack

Game process

Fluffy Fall for Android has a simple but interesting task for the player. To pass, you just need to control the character and avoid obstacles. This can remind you of Ketchapp’s games, and it’s true, but the graphics and the amount of content here are much more extensive. Instead of a simple ball, you will control a funny, fluffy character. Also, the obstacles are more diverse, so you need to move away from fire, laser, ice and other obstacles.

Endless gameplay leads to a lot of difficulties. To win, you need to go as far as possible and set a record. Try once you can not stop, start at first is very simple and there is a great temptation to beat the previous record.

Management in the game

The game has a simple control, enough to touch the screen and hold your fingers in the right direction. Your character will instantly respond to your touch. It’s very simple, but with time the dynamics grows and the game demands from you high accuracy. After several attempts, you will be able to cope with the tasks. It’s interesting to play both for adults and for children.

The dynamics of the game with each time increases, which trains the attention and reaction. Like similar games, Fluffy Fall has a lot of advertising, which will be shown after each attempt, if not disconnect Internet connections. Using cheat codes, you will be able to unlock all paid functions and disable advertisements.

Fluffy Fall cheats

Graphics and sound

Unlike direct competitors, the game has a full-fledged 3D graphics with bright elements. It is not complicated, and all the elements easily differ in color, this does not complicate the process of passage. Flight effects and beautiful animation only improve the game. The sound of the game can enthrall you after the first start, but playing too long it still wants to turn it off. Fluffy Fall Mod – this is a great game to take your mind off and have fun.

Download a simple game and enjoy the gameplay, it can stay on the phone for years. At any time you can return to it and continue to beat the records. To play it was more interesting, share the game with your friends and compete with achievements.

The game has characters and elements that can be unlocked for real money. Using promotional codes, a player can quickly and free to get all the paid items and greatly diversify the game.

Fluffy Fall hack:

  • Disable advertising – 04UXO7NN
  • Ghost – G7HMXWHK
  • Diamond – D0CJA3MG
  • Military – UOPD0G0V
  • Cupcake – FFXQAULK
  • Mystery Box – 2ASIYSOR
  • Capsule Toy – 925UVWVZ
  • Watermelon – ZVJR735H
  • Burger – TD2LQ1JA
  • Candy – 01CJ1DJ7
  • Lava – GHUL1RXI


  1. I enjoy falling down and dodging obstacles, I scored over 100 points and unlocked many fluffies.

    Thanks for the codes, I want to unlock more shiny fluffy.

  2. I love this game. I unlocked all achievements and got 94 fluffys, 80 of them are Rainbow fluffys.
    Thx for the Hacks/Cheats.


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