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The company BRAVOCOMPANY Ltd released a shooter for mobile devices, which received the name Forces of Freedom. In the game you will not see the plot, games aimed at combat experience, pumping skills and MOBA elements. Team gameplay, you will act together to destroy the enemy in fierce battles. You must try to destroy the enemy in any way, using a variety of weapons and tactics. You can download the game for free, but the hacked Forces of Freedom gives you more extensive experience, unlimited resources and opportunities. But first, let’s get acquainted with the game and the characters.

Game process

This action game has one game mode, only online battles. Fighting with other players takes up all the time in the game, so you can play only with the access to the Internet. Game modes are divided only by the number of opponents, you can fight on the map in 3v3, 5v5 mode. Fights will not take long, dynamic battles last a couple of minutes. Victory goes to more experienced fighters who know how to work in a team. Forces of Freedom for Android gives an unforgettable experience and serious competition.

Forces of Freedom cheats


After finishing the fight, I want to start the next one, so it’s very hard to stop and close the game. You can diversify the gameplay by selecting another map, for selection you can choose deserts, ancient arenas and even jungles. After each battle you get experience and money, they are needed to buy new equipment and weapons. To become a better fighter you need to learn the cards in order to occupy the key points during the battle. The player who knows the card has a significant advantage over the novice, help the team win and receive valuable rewards.


The game was downloaded millions of users around the world, it received an average rating of 4.4. This is a very good score, but the game has a major flaw, this is one mode, there is no diversity. Each player in the team performs one of the roles and if the team loses one of the characters, the forces become very unequal.┬áThis game is not like the Pacific Rim Breach Wars, but it’s quite interesting.

Downloading Forces of Freedom mod is available free of charge from Google Play. This free game has excellent 3D graphics with high detailing items. The actions of the hero are smooth and the most realistic, each time you will feel yourself on the battlefield. For a full game you need a smartphone with a powerful configuration and a stable connection to the Internet. This is an exciting game, you can play for free, but if you want to unlock high-level weapons, you will need gems.

Forces of Freedom hack


Premium currency can be obtained in the game using cheat codes. Having a lot of money Forces of Freedom the player gets a significant advantage. Everyone can choose their strategy for the battle, playing a sniper, or a stormtrooper, the player gets a variety of experience.

Hack Forces of Freedom:

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