FortCraft hack

Many gamers are waiting for the release of the game FortCraft. The company Epic Game announced the upcoming release on mobile devices this year. At this very moment the game became one of the most anticipated for mobile devices. It’s survival on a huge map in which everyone can show their fighting ability. FortCraft for Andorid was in early access and many were able to experience the gameplay, but there was still no official exit. Players on iOS may have to wait a little longer.

Description of the game

Colorful action game for Android, iOS in it you will see of 16 km² on a map and fight with hundreds of other players. The gameplay of the game is not new, but the ability to build and destroy objects like in Minecraft makes the game unique in this genre. We can called the game  hardly classic, it has several features you should know about before downloading FortCraft mod.

FortCraft hack

The game wandered to us from the PC, it has a famous progenitor. The survival genre this year has become especially popular, the release of PUBG Mobile and other games have turned the market. Each of the developments has its own peculiarities, disadvantages and advantages. But a good developer’s name makes millions of players wait for the game to be released.


If we talk about the gameplay of the game, it is difficult to call it unique. Surviving on an island with a hundred players, nearly a dozen similar games appeared on the mobile market over the past year. FortCraft mod has a huge map area of ​​16 square kilometers, this is a new breakthrough in mobile gaming. It’s clear that you will need a powerful smartphone to cope with a large card. So the player needs to be ready to buy, because the game will be distributed through the system free-to-play.

First of all, by selecting the character’s name and appearance you will be introduced to the controls. Standard controls using the touchpad and shooting buttons allow you to control the character and shoot accurately at the target. Fortcraft hacking for money is sought by many players who started playing the beta version. And this opportunity is there, everyone can double the experience and resources obtained by cheat codes. This is an easy way to raise your level and unlock powerful weapons.

FortCraft cheat

Huge map

To win, you will learn how to quickly carry out the study of maps and tasks. Although the map is large enough, you will often meet with enemies. If you decide to find FortCraft cheats, then be prepared for a quick lock. All fights in the game are online, and any violation is punished instantly. The game has a strong defense system and you will quickly lose your account, even if other players do not pay you.

You will experience more tension, fighting hundreds of opponents, this is a huge challenge. Especially the joyous victory, as it should be, only one will survive and will receive valuable rewards. The game map will be constantly narrowed to provoke endless skirmishes.


In the game there is a wide variety of weapons, from the hammer to the lasers. Use a hammer to build, or destroy buildings on the map. You can also use it as a weapon to destroy enemies at close range. Hacked FortCraft will not give you immortality, or unlimited weapons. Bonus codes in the game will give you access to the game currency and will allow you to quickly raise the level.

FortCraft mod

The game is more free for the gamer, you can build, use vehicles, swim and fight. Each player has the right to choose his own strategy, to wrest victory you will need an advantage. FortCraft money will give freedom of purchase, and additional experience will allow you to unlock weapons, missions and use additional equipment.

FortCraft hack for Android, iOS:

• 1,000,000 of money – FCYyRLTwO
• Get a double experience – FCDO0DAPz
• Disable advertising in the game – FCMWaXMxK
• Unlock all mode and missions – FCqvsUxM4

Following the instructions, each player can get a lot of money on the account and unlock the paid items of the game.



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