A new game from the company Oh Bibi, FRAG Pro Shooter, is a mobile shooter with royal battles. First and foremost, it is a mobile shooter which is designed to turn all understanding about this genre. The game is a combination of genres taking over the tower, as well as an action game with first-person combat. The most notable is the ability to switch between heroes during combat. This will allow you to quickly join the game and use all the skills. Hacked FRAG Pro Shooter for money, coins and gems is available to users for Andorid, iOS devices. It is enough to have promotional codes and be able to use them in the game, but downloaded let’s get acquainted with the application.

1-on-1 fights

Despite the opportunity to build a team with several heroes, the battle is always 1v1. This way you can manage one of the team members, the rest will be managed by the bots. FRAG Pro Shooter on Android has about 40 characters, therefore, everyone can create a unique team. From the choice of heroes will depend on your strategy for the fight. You can choose from an attack strategy, defensive, or medium. This choice will depend on the selection of heroes, at the stage of team formation.

FRAG Pro Shooter hack

Since the game developer is a partner of the Gameloft team, therefore you can enjoy the game of the highest quality. It may seem that it is most similar to Clash Royale, but the presence of first-person fights brings qualitative differences. A feature of the game is the ability to switch between heroes during combat. Since the team will have several heroes, at any time you can switch to another player. FRAG Pro Shooter codes a lot of money in the game give the freedom to buy and upgrade, they can save a lot of time on the passage of the game.

Gameplay and Heroes

The game is designed to become the leader of the genre of royal battles. A unique opportunity to fight a whole team, managing one of the heroes qualitatively distinguishes it from competitors. Despite the large number of heroes in the team, in fact, the battle always goes 1 to 1. First of all, it will allow you to quickly return to the game as another character. Downloading FRAG Pro Shooter mod has dozens of kinds of heroes, each possesses unique abilities and features.

FRAG Pro Shooter mod

As a result of the choice of the hero, you must change your tactics to battle. The mixed team will be more flexible in the overall strategy for the game. Each fight will bring experience and money, with their help you will be able to unlock the heroes and raise their level. Maybe it does not fully reach the PC versions, but it gives an unforgettable and unique experience. The touch control has a joystick on the left, and on the right a button of aiming and shooting. Only training and the availability of unlimited resources will make you invincible.

Graphics and sounds

Multiplayer game has bright graphics, unique skins of heroes created very well. Move to the colorful world full of battles, destroy the enemy team with the help of huge cannons. FRAG Pro Shooter Cheats allow you to unlock weapons and abilities. Therefore, everyone can create a team of 5 heroes of different directions and get a strong team. This will allow you to enjoy frequent victories and receive a lot of money for achievements.

FRAG Pro Shooter codes

First-person fights and good graphics will help immerse yourself in what’s happening with your head. Bright elements, constant flashes of shots. Finally, everyone can enjoy the console-level gameplay on their mobile. Switching between heroes makes it possible to test different weapons and perform different functions of the team. Defend your tower, create your own style of play and rise in the world ranking.

In addition to everything, everyone can use cheat codes in the game and include free purchases. This is the easiest and safest way to get money to the account.

Cheat codes FRAG Pro Shooter hack for Android and iOS:

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