Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle mod

Blue Wizard Digital LP introduced a new game on mobile devices called Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle. Especially, it is worth the attention of Triskaidekaphobia fans, most likely you will like it very much. This is an interesting experience of an exciting game from the genre of puzzles. All fans of this genre should try passing this game, this is a quiz with blood and horror. It will definitely cause emotions and in the majority they are positive, since the game received an average rating of 4.7 on Google Play. In this article, we’ll get to know the game more closely, and also consider the possibilities of using hacked Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle.

About the game

Blue Wizard Digital LP is an independent company that has been working on since 2015 and has experience creating popular games. The developers made a name for themselves at such games as Playaway Camp and Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle mod. These games were recognized in gamers and forced to play for hours in a unique gameplay. Each of the games, this is a separate story in the game, which you can go through for free. Only here pay characters are in the game of money to unlock them you need to use codes, or spend tens of dollars on purchases. First of all, games are attracted by their unusual style.

Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle hack

Exciting puzzle game Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle for Android, makes players quickly make decisions and actions. The gameplay is very simple, but once you try, many people want to repeat the experience again and again. The game has similar elements from previous games from this developer. In the game, you can help Jason avenge the injustice. The plot of the game is divided into two parts, each of which includes 13 questions.

While performing the tasks of the game, you need to answer them in order to find the enemy. On the way to the goal, you have to kill several suspects. Performing each of the tasks you can raise your level and move on to the next chapter. You will find plenty of bonuses and boosters, new weapons, equipment and equipment for your killer. It is useful to you to get to him and solve a riddle. Each item in the game bears its own benefit, each character has unique skills. Using cheats Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle you can speed up the passage and get answers to many questions.

Graphics in the game

3D graphics game strongly resembles the well-known Minecraft, but at the same time the developer made it gloomy, and the moments just awful. This is a unique design and experience, everything around you will be gloomy, which creates the right impression. The mysterious game has many mysteries, bloody murders and scenes that few people will be surprised. But developers successfully immerse gamers in the right mood with graphics and sounds. This is an unforgettable experience, you can download Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle for free. But to get all the characters, you need bonus codes.

This game can be compared with a horror film, with its storyline and history. Background music will make you immerse yourself in what is happening and feel the atmosphere. Developers have achieved success in this, you will be able to notice important details and small sounds that make blood sting. Sounds of broken bones, dripping blood and dangerous silence. The game has many attractive features for fans to tickle your nerves.

Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle cheats


• The game is available 8 different episodes, each of which has dozens of puzzles and tasks.
• The game develops the brain, here you need to think a lot and include the imagination.
• Each player can choose a convenient image mode. One of them has a minimum of blood, the second can surprise the most experienced user.
• Many locations, tunnels, telephone booths and police. Collect and upgrade your weapons.
• Dozens of weapons, from knives to pomegranates.
• You can play anytime, anywhere, download Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle mod, has an offline mode.

The game is free, but has paid features that you can unlock using bonus codes. This method works on Android, iOS devices. To hack the game, you do not need to enter personal data, or get special rights to the device root, jailbreak.

Hack Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle

• Return to Crystal Lake – XVSSS1DV85
• Ultra Weapon Crate – I3ECTL6PMQ
• The Ripper – NS76M07T9Y
• Thrifty Weapon Crate – GTA31N4C9Q
• Knightmare – T5Z4GP2ULI
• Jurassic Jason – 3GA0J6CPUH
• Retro Jason – 8D6CJBT6KZ
• Toxic Jason – YEX3CSYRIP
• Flaming Jason – 8PH8W6EZGT
• Bloodbath Jason – 0MWQ2DUY01


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