Since ketchapp releases only quality games, downloading the Fruit Master you get a bright slasher. Here you will cut fruit and prepare cocktails, your composition will depend on your accuracy. Because of the great popularity of this subject, the developers are trying to replicate the success of Fruit Ninja. And this time they created equally attractive gameplay, and even expanded the possibilities. Fruit Master hack will help get a lot of money and unlock a variety of knives. But first we learn about the features of the game, its advantages and disadvantages.

Fruit Slasher

A colorful game in which you will cut the fruit into a juicer. Hence, each time you will receive a cocktail. Using a variety of components and consistency, you will receive a unique drink and additional rewards. Download Fruit Master for Android is a great way to spend time. In addition to the fun gameplay with throwing a knife, each time the player receives a result in the form of colorful drinks.

Fruit Master hack

Since the player receives coins for rare cocktails, you need to achieve unique results. Crystals play the role of premium currency and will allow you to unlock high-level weapons and use to complete the task. Each knife has unique characteristics, has a longer range. speed and accuracy. The choice of the knife directly depends on the result, be prepared to set a new record.

Throw knives

The game process from the legend of this genre is distinguished by many nuances. Firstly, here you do not need to svaypat all around the screen, it’s enough to throw a knife. Since it only flies in the center, you need to wait until the right moment to cut the maximum amount of fruit. Free Fruit Master mod has hundreds of interesting levels, each of which allows you to prepare a new cocktail. Consequently, you will receive additional points for new achievements and replenishment of the collection.

Fruit Master cheat

Secondly, you do not have a chance of making a mistake. The gameplay is endless, but as soon as you miss with a knife and it flies past the fruit, the game ends. Since every mistake is a game at first, you need to be very careful to reach level 100. Using Fruit Master cheats for money, the player takes advantage of a better knife, or additional attempts after an unsuccessful throw. 4 received consecutive cocktails give a chance to twist fortune and get a chance to open a new knife.

Graphics and sounds

The company Ketchapp is known in the mobile games market qualitative approach. Hence the game turned out to be very bright and colorful. beautiful animation and effects add dynamics, but it takes up little space on the phone. Cheat codes Fruit Master money in the game have two values, these are coins and gems. And if the first you get for every action in the game, then the crystals can be purchased for real money. They give the advantage of donators and allow you to quickly raise your level in the game.

Fruit Master codes

After downloading the mod game, you get a bright and dynamic arcade game. You can play anywhere, without connecting to the network. This is a great way to get away from problems and cheer yourself up. Since the achievements can be shared with friends, you will be able to compete and beat the records of friends. Using the codes, you can play for free, while using all the knives. Double the experience to get more money for passing the level.

Fruit Master hack for Android and iOS:

• Free of charge 100 000 coins – GEO_2OanxXY
• 10 000 crystals – GEO_DMO3ZjI
• Dual Experience – GEO_Ph7jPFR
• Disable ads in the game – GEO_GmOFops


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