Fruit Nibblers – an exciting game on android from the developers of the studio Rovio. This game is from the series “Three in a row.” To somehow diversify the game developers offer you to watch a small video that tells of a small unusual creature living on the very bottom of the ocean. And one day a raspberries dip into the depths. After eating it, he realizes that somewhere up there are many beautiful berries and fruits. Use hacked Fruit Nibblers for free and fast. And so, along with their friends, they come to the island in search of berries.

Also, you can use free cheats Fruit Nibblers for Android and iOS. But on their way stand the evil lizards, with whom you will have to fight throughout the game. All levels look like a field of cells in which a variety of fruits and berries are located. In some cells, lizards lurk, from which you have to get rid of to pass the level. In addition, moving fruits in places you need to collect combinations of 3 or more identical fruits or berries. If the combination is collected next to the pangolin, it is automatically destroyed along with this series. You can download Fruit Nibblers mod for free.

Fruit Nibblers cheat


When all the lizards are destroyed, the level is considered passed, and all the berries and fruits are left to you and your friends. Remember, in the game Fruit Nibblers for each level given a certain number of moves. Therefore, you need to calculate each of your moves to achieve the goal. Sometimes in the cells will appear and your assistants. If you taipnut for the assistant, he easily eats a whole line of fruit, either vertically or horizontally, along with the guardian lizard. In addition to assistants in the game there are many useful bonuses.

In the game Fruit Nibblers pretty high-quality hand-drawn graphics. All elements are clearly drawn and executed in bright colors. A cheerful soundtrack raises the mood throughout the game. And the simplicity in control allows you to enjoy the game without being distracted by joysticks or buttons. Everything can be done with simple svaypami and taipami directly on the screen. Excellent game for killing free time!

Secrets and Tips:

Fruit Nibblers – a classic puzzle “three in a row” from the famous studio Rovio. Here the main characters are the fish. They decide to throw a party, which unexpectedly come uninvited guests in the face of reptiles. Now they need to get out of the hangout as quickly as possible, making up rows of fruits and exploding them next to the lizards. The project has an excellent graphics, good humor and a lot of quests. There will also be reptilian bosses, the fight against which will take a lot of energy. Nevertheless, the pleasure from the game will be ensured. Use new hacked Fruit Ninja Fight and Russian Rider Drift 2.

Fruit Nibblers mod

Fruit Nibblers – a very interesting puzzle game from the creators of Angry Birds in the style of “collect three in a row,” where you have to play for friendly creatures who climbed to the land and hitting the tropical island found trouble. These creatures just want to eat delicious fruits and vegetables, but evil demons who will wait for you on each level want to prevent them. So strongly and do not relax, but quickly collect in a row three or more identical vegetables to complete the level.

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In the game Fruit Nibblers you can open new creatures, each of which has special abilities that will be useful during the game. In addition, collect coins that will be useful for buying improvements for each of the characters and fight with huge and powerful bosses to show who is the master on the island. You are waiting for more than 300 fun and exciting levels on which you do not get bored!


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