Meet a new role-playing game called Fusion Heroes. Tapinator company has experience in creating games of different genres. Therefore, by downloading the game you get a quality role-playing game from a famous developer. A large number of functions, exciting battles and an unforgettable experience. The most notable in the game is the graphics, it gives the game a retro style. Despite this, the game uses modern technology and extensive opportunities to create a powerful hero. Hacked Fusion Heroes, it’s endless money and diamonds in the game. Since in this article you will find many tips, let’s start with a short review.

Create your own fur

Since the game belongs to the genre of role-playing games, here you can create your own robot. The huge fur will defend your position in battles 1 to 1. Fusion Heroes for Android has dozens of characters to choose from and even more weapons. Everyone can create a unique fur and take a worthy place in the world of large droids. Participate in battles, gather details and create a powerful character.

Fusion Heroes hack

In addition to the awards, you will be able to unlock new parts and weapons. To install it on fur, you need diamonds, this makes this process instant. Because it saves a lot of time, many players buy premium currency for real money. Doing this is not necessary, using secrets, everyone can get sets of game currency on the account, for free.

Gameplay, fighting

RPG game has hundreds of items and items to create your own fur. Therefore, it is necessary to sweat fairly to unblock valuable things and objects. In addition, the installation of parts will take a long time. Fusion Heroes mod has an acceleration function, the codes for diamonds allow you to use them without restrictions. Because of the high cost of some parts, you have to spend a lot of time collecting resources.

Fights in the game are one-on-one, meeting in the arena, you can see the power of your opponent. Each attack takes a certain amount of health. Mechs have more stability, so you have to spend a lot of time to deal critical damage. At the bottom of the screen are the skill buttons. By clicking on it you turn on the skill and can strike. You will control the course of the battle, having a trump card in your sleeve, you will be able to reverse the course of the battle. Fusion Heroes codes will not give immortality, but will allow to prepare fur for fights with a strong opponent.

Fusion Heroes cheats

Graphics and sounds

The famous developer created a game in retro style. At first it may seem that you started the game on the old console, but it adds only the entourage. All elements in the game are clearly distinguishable and clear, and the simplicity of the game will allow you to run it on the simplest devices. Fusion Heroes cheats, this is an opportunity to get the most powerful rockets and lasers and equip them with fur.

Perform complex missions and get an army of allies. As a result, you will get support and the opportunity to develop faster. Codes for gems work on Android, iOS devices. Following the instructions, you can quickly get a unique weapon, items. This will give an advantage, create a powerful gang of droids and control them with fierce battles.

Fusion Heroes hack for Android and iOS:

  • 5280 Gems (code for a lot of money) – G-gty309w


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