Galaxy Strike 3D, is a new action game from Doodle Mobile Ltd. In it, you have to master the skills of managing spacecraft and protect the Earth. You are the last hope on the path of salvation. Challenge the enemy, each time improving your ship. Use the money, download the mod and get unlimited resources. Hacked Galaxy Strike 3D for money and gold is an opportunity to unlock all ships and weapons. Follow the prompts to make the space expedition successful.

Game Description

The starry sky is full of dangers and to protect itself from the outside world, you need to skillfully use weapons. Galaxy Strike 3D Mod is a lot of money, it’s a free opportunity to explore the Milky Way without restrictions. Increase your chances of successful operations. The game will be interesting to fans of action battles and space themes. Due to the variety of tasks, each task in the game brings a new experience.

Galaxy Strike 3D codes

Move in space, drive super-fast ships and equip with powerful weapons. Each battle is a challenge and an opportunity to realize your skills and abilities. Improve your skills, except weapons require combat skills. Space expeditions will bring success and the ability to collect new artifacts. Open items will improve the technique and unlock new equipment. Use cheats Galaxy Strike 3D for free.

Game process

Galaxy Strike 3D on Android begins with a little learning. With the help of virtual keys, you can effectively manage your ship. On the left there is a jog of the choice of direction, on the right there are weapons buttons and additional functions. Since the controls are as simple and clear as possible, the smallest can play. To conduct a successful expedition, you need to destroy the enemies and follow the tasks. In addition, we recommend to use new hacked Space Frontier 2 game for free.

Galaxy Strike 3D mod

Unknown galaxies, new stars, discoveries and equipment. Challenge the boss to complete the series of victories and get valuable equipment. First of all, you need to learn management, develop your own strategy. After each battle, spend the resulting gold and Galaxy Strike 3D money to improve the combat qualities of the ship. Equip it with laser guns and powerful weapons, so as not to leave the enemy a chance.

Graphics and sounds

Thanks to the detailed 3D graphics you can enjoy amazing pictures of the universe. Wonderful sight, detailed ships, immense space. Thanks to 3D graphics and effects you can be in the center of events and enjoy space travel. Galaxy Strike 3D can play everyone for free and unlock the most powerful weapon. Cheats give you the freedom to shop, make countless upgrades and create a powerful ship.

Galaxy Strike 3D cheat

10 ships to choose from, new updates will bring additional choices. Having a lot of money in the account, you can always get new items and test them in battle. Thanks to frequent updates, there are new tasks, weapons and upgrades. Everyone can create their own warship and fight for control of the Milky Way. Promotional codes will increase your chances and help you become the king of the universe.

Galaxy Strike 3D Hack, Android and iOS, free Cheat codes:

• 100,000 money, free – 4Z_00eNIjJ
• 5,000 gold – 2Y_FmNvDah


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