Game of Sultans hack is an exciting game in which you have to try yourself in the role of the real sultan. Not only will the Ottoman Empire be at your disposal. Since this is not an easy job, you have to work hard to make your rule of the golden. First of all, you must have a huge and strong army that will fulfill all your desires.

Secrets and Tips:

Absolute power will allow you to seize new territories of Europe. In order for your empire to have continuations, you need to bring up worthy heirs. You will reunite your children with marriages, thereby gaining more power over everyone. Only in the sultan can there be a whole harem of beauties, if you just want it. Graphics in the game is very even worthy. And the gameplay itself will give you absolute power, and it can not help. You can download Game of Sultans mod for free.

Game of Sultans cheat

Finally, you can do everything for the prosperity of the empire, then all of you will not only be respected but also afraid and subordinate. To play it was easier you will need our Cheats Game of Sultans for money, gold and crystals. Now it is exactly you who will become the invincible sultan of all ages. With the help of codes you can make any free purchases in the game and most importantly – for free. Also, use new free hacked games: Thunder Assault The Hero of War Criminal Case: Pacific Bay for free.


  • Manage the whole empire, all the best is under your authority.
  • With the help of marriages between children, increase your strength and influence.
  • Create your own harem from the beauties that the heirs will give you.
  • Manage the army with your own hands.
  • Participate in real-time battles with real players from around the world.
  • Expand your territories.

Game of Sultans codes

Hacked Game of Sultans for Android and iOS, this is an opportunity to try the best opportunities in the game. With cheats you will have a huge amount of resources for further use in the game. Money, gold, crystals are a chance that your government will become golden. Codes do not need to be bought, real money will not be needed. All personal information will remain your personal information. All the detailed information is on the site and you can see the details at any time. Security is above all. Even mod Game of Sultans will help you to get free cash.

Graphics and Gameplay:

The graphic component of the product is presented at a good level. Everything looks colorful and nice. The game process will give absolute power and will allow you to rule the way you want. Do everything to make the empire reach its heyday and become one of the most wise sultans. Let’s fight back to other players in various PvP battles and try not to lose resources and power.

Game of Sultans mod

Cheat codes for Hack Game of Sultans on Android and iOS:

  • Use the cheat code to have 500,000 money, on purchases – Y-3g9fh
  • 500 000 gold in the game, get free – K-h209qr
  • Codes for 50 000 crystals in the game – C-3hqwf9h

Free game Game of Sultans for Android is an entertaining role-playing game, where users have to try on the role of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Start your ruler’s path as a huge empire and do everything possible to make your rule become a golden age. Use absolute power, conquer new lands of Europe, bring up heirs and create a powerful empire. Join alliances through the marriage of your children and gain more power. Use all the Sultan’s privileges and create a great grief of beauties, if of course you want it.


  1. Game of Sultans is game that I’m really enjoying. Thanks for codes, I have more diamonds and gold. This is a very large help!!

  2. Game of sultans is a really really fun game with lots of beautiful girls and cool fighting tactics, I like how you can also marry off your heirs! It’s pretty good.

  3. I love game of sultans!!! So frekin enjoyable and fun!! I wish have more diamonds or more !
    The harem idea is wonderful and all the visirs are too cool!

  4. best game, love the graphics, the story, the bonuses, it’s entertaining and amazing, played it for hours and didn’t get bored. The Masquerede part is intriguing.

  5. Super game! I absoutely love it. Anyone reading this go try it it’s is addictive. I love micro managinig games and this one is definitely a micro management game and it is quite fair. Thank you!

  6. Great game! I absolutely love it! It is a micro management game which I enjoy. So if you like micro management games with a dash of history, this game is definitely for you!

    Also thanks for the codes!

  7. Game of Sultans is an extremely interesting and exciting game. I can not break away from the game. Beautiful graphics, interesting tasks, an exciting Alliance battle. I love this game.

  8. Game of Sultans is an extremely interesting and exciting game. I can not break away from the game. Beautiful graphics, interesting tasks, an exciting Alliance battle. I love this game

  9. This game is awesome, with all the chances to becoming a strong empire. I’m in love with the graphics and being able to participate with cross server peoples make it awesome. Thank you for posting the codes to make the game enjoyable.

  10. Thank you very much
    I will try this, beacuse the game is very wonderful but it is taking alot of time to rebuilt my levy


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