Many gamers want to play, but leave bad reviews about the game PUBG Mobile. And if you are one of those in whom the game does not start, and you really want to experience this genre, download the game Garena Free Fire. This is a free action game on the Android platform, iOS. Because it completely repeats the popular genre of survival, but it takes an order of magnitude less space and requires less resources. The capacity of the game on Android is only 53 mb, just small requirements will allow them to run on a simple smartphone. Hacked Garena Free Fire, this is an opportunity to get a lot of money on the account and use unlimited diamonds.

Game mechanics

First of all it is worth noting the developer for whom this game was the first and quickly gained popularity. Today Cheats Garena Free Fire for Android has millions of fans, and the score is 4.5. Download the game is very simple, it is free, but you can not do without gaming. To slightly simplify the load on the server and make the game easier, the developers have reduced the number of players from 100 to 50. Therefore, running the game you will fight with 49 opponents, and your task is to become the last survivor.

Garena Free Fire codes

Traditionally, the game begins with the choice of the landing site. And this will determine your position during the battle, the strategic component plays an important role. First of all, you need to find a powerful weapon that is chaotically scattered on the map. Those who played in this genre on the PC, the situation immediately becomes familiar. Navigate the map in an attempt to find a pistol, or a rifle, to be ready to meet with the enemy. In addition to weapons in the game, accessories and additional equipment are available. In addition to this, you can increase the characteristics and strengthen your hero. Collect ammunition and supplies, restore lives with the help of first-aid kits and become the last survivor.

Game process

Because of the great competition, the victory rarely comes to the player by accident. Download Garena Free Fire mod, this is a big competition in which the strongest wins. Increase combat qualities, train shooting skills and develop your own tactics to stay alive and receive valuable rewards. For money in the game you can buy a more powerful pistol and increase its power. Therefore, you can cause more damage to the enemy and increase your chances of winning. Also, try new hack Madlands Mobile for Android and iOS, free.

With the help of touch control you need to navigate the map, constantly evading the attacks of opponents. Together with this you need to choose the right position for the attack. Increase your health and power by using the found accessories and selected items from the players you killed. The correct choice of safe zones and skills of shooting multiply increase the chances of winning. Cheat codes Garena Free Fire a lot of money will go to buy weapons and treatment, using diamonds, the game will be much more interesting.

Garena Free Fire mod

Graphics and sounds

Despite the small weight and requests of the game, it has an excellent 3D graphics with a lot of items and elements. Bright elements, high detail add realism. On the map there are cars that can be used, as well as additional hats and suits. Use the equipment to increase your performance. In addition to the unique kind of character, each of them has unique abilities and special powers to add to the game’s uniqueness. Garena Free Fire mod is a lot of money, it’s an opportunity to win in multiplayer battles, using the team and special abilities.

Money will be useful especially in team battles, where you can use your advantages. Learn new areas and sites, organize yourself into a team and develop your own strategy for defeating the enemy. After downloading the game you get a real action on your phone, these are explosions, bombs and endless shooting.

Garena Free Fire cheat

Using the cheat codes you will get the advantage of unlimited resources. Because of the great popularity of this method of hacking, the codes are encrypted, and you can access them through instructions. To use the method, you do not need to download additional files, or enter personal data. This is the safest way to get a lot of money Garena Free Fire for free.

Garena Free Fire hack for Android and iOS:

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  1. Amazing game and hack! I am happy to use this cheats, thanks so much for hack!
    Is by far my favorite mobile game of all time.


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