Hunting for ghosts has returned as a game on Android, iOS. Ghostbusters World, this is a free adventure on your mobile. Here you can hunt ghosts and collect a unique collection. Using new technologies and augmented reality, you will be able to catch ghosts at home and around the city. Walk on the map and try to catch new species. Hacked Ghostbusters World will allow you to quickly unlock new technologies and items to catch new monsters. Follow the prompts to learn how to use the bonus codes.

About the game

The game is based on the famous and many favorite cartoon. Download Ghostbusters World mod gives the opportunity to be on the site of hunters. Collect a team to hunt for ghosts with elements of augmented reality. Thanks to new technologies, you can become a hunter yourself and use new technologies for hunting. Ghosts everywhere, the availability of gps and travel around the city will find new species.

Ghostbusters World mod

To catch them you will need the spectral guns and neutralizers. In the process of passage you will be able to buy more powerful weapons, as well as use new technologies. First of all, the ghost must be neutralized, after which you can immerse it in your collection. But that’s not all, you can use the collected characters in battles with other players. And this is one of the most interesting parts of the game.

Game process

In the game you can collect ghosts with a binding to the place. Like in Pokemon Go, ghosts you can see through the camera of your smartphone. They will appear anywhere, be prepared to use the skills of the hunter to replenish the collection. Cheats Ghostbusters World for Android, has a number of features and interesting features. Thanks to Augmented Reality and Maps technology, you can see ghosts in the real world.

Ghostbusters World cheat

First of all you need to aim and press the “Blast” button. This will freeze the ghost and try to catch it. Sly and powerful characters will dodge your attacks. To capture a ghost, you need to have the skills and respond quickly to his movements. Simple control with touch buttons will allow you to effectively operate. But training is needed to cope with more complex species.

Money Ghostbusters World, this is an opportunity to upgrade equipment and gain an advantage. Powerful blasters and traps increase the chances of a successful hunt. Strong pets in your collection, this is the key to success in online battles. Implement your skills and develop skills. Also, we recommend to use new hacked games Duck Tales: Remastered and Age of Z for free.

Ghostbusters World codes

Graphics and sounds

A colorful adventure has vertical graphics. 3D graphics are no worse than the old cartoon, the characters look even better and more detailed. After downloading the mod, you will see familiar characters and ghosts. Use your knowledge as an advantage when going through Ghostbusters World on iOS. In addition to your favorite characters, the game allows you to play with augmented reality. This is added to the game of new sensations.

You can also team up with friends to conduct a joint raid. This is a great opportunity to have fun. And as soon as the collection of strong ghosts gather, you can put them on the arena. Fight other players online. PvP battles, this is an interesting way to have fun and feel the action. Using cheat codes Ghostbusters World for gems and money, everyone can get an advantage.

Cheat codes Ghostbusters World hack, Android and iOS:

• 115,000 coins for free – Nd # rKS0mWT
• 9,650 gems – Ww # y7YTyl8


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