Giants War mod

Giants War, this is a new role-playing game from the creators of GAMEVIL. This publisher is known by many for such games: Cartoon Wars 3, Kritika: White Knights and other popular developments. Since the company is responsible for creating games, you can safely download and enjoy great gameplay. You can download the game for Android, iOS devices for free. Therefore, there are game purchases in the game and you can get an advantage for real money. This and additional gifts and sets of crystals and the ability to quickly improve your level. The codes for hack Giants War were available at the testing stage, now they work for Andorid, iOS devices. While others spend money, you can use promotional codes and play at the same level.

Giants War hack

Game process

In the game you can experience all the charms of the role-playing game, because of the large number of characters and elements, everyone can get a unique experience. Giants War for Android allows everyone to create a unique style and team. Since you can build your own base, discover new territories and expand your possessions, you will need a lot of money. In addition, the game is combined and each subsequent mission differs from the previous one. In one of the tasks, you will expand your possessions, in the second you will have to fight a fierce battle with the bosses. Upon completion of the assignment, you will receive gold coins and gems.

The complexity of the mission will depend on the size of the awards and additional bonuses. Once you expand your possessions, you need to build an army to maintain and protect the territory. A strong army, a pledge of successful development in the game. Consecutive improvements will certainly bear fruit in the form of a growing level and the discovery of new objects and heroes. At the same time, the number of monsters will grow, their diversity and power will increase. Downloading Giants War mod for money and the right tactic gives an advantage. Following the advice, you will be free to develop and develop your own tactics.

Giants War cheat

Secrets and Tips

Because of the large number of monsters and weapons, you need to examine the effectiveness of each item in order to quickly destroy monsters. Together with the battles, you need to develop your base and build the army. A lot of money Giants War is spent on improvements, hence promcodes will serve a good service and will give the chance to develop quickly. It’s noteworthy that these tricks work for Android, iOS devices are equally good. So you can unlock and modernize the army and quickly update the building.
Features of the game

• The ability to create an army with giants, dozens of diverse characters.
• Development of the base, construction and modernization.
• Wide opportunities for modernization and improvement, everyone can create a unique army and base.
• Complete management of all processes.
• Cheats Giants War for money allow you to unlock exclusive heroes and items.

Giants War codes

Graphics and sounds

Since the developer’s name is very well known, the graphic components will not disappoint you either. The game has a 2.5D graphics, very bright with unique characters. It is overflowing with merry moments and conveys this mood to the gamer. So are the sounds, they are pleasant and non-intrusive, which improves the gaming experience. The game will appeal to all lovers of role-playing battles. Since Giants War is free, there are purchases in it. Having the codes you can safely do without them, getting game sets.

Giants War hack:

• 105,000 crystals – Yd_KLqXMvt
• 5 Star Hero Package- 4N_8hKJtWb
• Species Core Selection Package – Ri_OKS3QIG


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