Glory of Generals hack

In this article you will find Glory of Generals hack using codes. Using the method, you can quickly and free to get a set of medals and unlock additional slots. The key point of the game is the rational use of the army’s location. Advantage to the enemy gives a competent location of personnel and the ability of the user to control the troops entrusted to him. At the disposal of the gamer provided land, air and naval transport. In addition, the army is ruled by 102 experienced generals. You can download Glory of Generals mod for free, like in the other games: Hide from Zombies ONLINE and Cut the Rope: Magic.

The player, who received the rank of marshal, creates a personal headquarters and commands the officers, making maximum use of the capabilities of the soldiers. Each unit is capable of hitting the enemy at some distance. In the military operations of Glory of Generals 37 countries are participating, 4 fronts are operating. Battles take place in the West and East of Europe, as well as in North Africa and the South Pole region.

Glory of Generals codes

The game provides:

  • several modes (companies, network via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Game Center, legion);
  • 36 tactical solutions;
  • 6 headquarters facilities that can be improved;
  • Scaled map;
  • automatic saving.

In Glory of Generals cheats, the moves of the user and enemies alternate. After each turn the gamer waits for the reaction of the opponent. And builds a reciprocal strategy and tactics of action. Finally, sometimes a rival seems invulnerable. But if you show ingenuity, even a strong opponent will surrender to the mercy of the winner.

In addition to conducting combat, the player builds various structures, fortifications, and cares for the improvement of the skills of soldiers. For killing enemies the gamer gets experience. In a difficult situation, generals will come to the aid, but the services of military commanders will have to be paid.

Glory of Generals mod

Secrets and tips for passing the game Glory of Generals:

Success in the game is also provided by overlapping the ways in which the enemy comes reinforcements in the form of numerous infantry and military equipment. The user’s efforts will not be in vain. For each successfully conducted battle the system appropriates orders and medals. The game hack Glory of Generals is beautifully decorated graphically, no less dignified sound interface design. There are versions of individual and team games.

Glory of Generals cheat codes is a great turn-based strategy that will take you back to the Second World War. Before the game starts, the application will prompt users to select the side for which they want to conduct military operations. Either for the invaders – the Germans, or for the countries – allies. The hacked game Glory of Generals HD will take place in four vast locations. The Northern Front, the Southern Front, the war in Africa and the unknown war in Antarctica.


After the first battle, start rebuilding cities and military bases. Attracting to the banner of new fighters and recruits. The application will offer you a considerable selection of troops. Land units, navy, air forces, artillery and mortar calculations, tanks, anti-aircraft guns and other armored vehicles. Finally, you can choose the main character from one hundred and fifty legendary combat generals. It will lead you to deafening victories. Participating in battles, perfect strategic and tactical abilities, skilfully build shelves on the world map. Use the features of the terrain, fix on the dominant heights, and take into account all the details.

Glory of Generals cheat

Finally, 37 countries and many types of troops will participate in the hostilities. Earned game tools invest in new units, pump their characteristics, develop the army and bases, hit the enemies on the sore points, seize their fortified areas and cities. So, the game will offer users more than three hundred different landscapes with very realistic features, and a multiplayer mode for battles with real players.

Cheats Glory of Generals Hack for Android, iOS:

  • • 10000 Medals – vEgEfhVqv*GoG
  • General Slot 1 – KDxswCmmL*GoG
  • Free General Slot 2 – Ld2YqMZ3k*GoG
  • General Slot 3 – 4T827BbT9*GoG


  1. This is really good game, but without help from a side it is very hard to achieve the victory. Collecting medals need too much time and played/replayed levels to upgrade buildings and units.

  2. This is really good. it’s a very excellent game that teaches history, particularly on ww2. I use it sometimes as an alternative when I’m not in the mood to read my history books.


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