GTA San Andreas is the fifth part of the legendary game. It does not need a special introduction. Since it has been in the hearts of gamers from all over the world for many years. Developers remain true to themselves, and from part to part do not change the plot. In the new version of hacked GTA San Andreas, designed specifically for android. You still have to go from six to the boss of the mafia under all the authorities in your area. That’s just the adventure will be completely new.

In fact, this time the hero Karl Johnson, having fled because of problems with the law and the mafia in the new district – San Andreas cheat codes. It is represented by three cities and a lot of locations. The length of the version is 70 game hours, full of endless action, chasing, shootouts and shootings. All that fans of GTA love so much. And for an improved passage, we recommend not only to limit the version of the game to developers, but also to download GTA San Andreas mod for money and cars.


  • Improved gameplay, clearer graphics resolution, unmatched physics;
  • Synchronization with cloud services for members of Rockstar Social Club;
  •  2 virtual joystick to control the game and cameras;
  • The version is Russified, it is possible to configure all kinds of mobile devices.

GTA San Andreas codes

GTA San Andreas is a popular action game that recently became available for Android. At the disposal of the gamer – improved graphics, a large area with three cities and a system for pumping the main character. In fact, this is completely original game, ported to mobile platforms. It is entirely full, moreover, the schedule has been significantly improved.

And, of course, the original features of the game series have not disappeared, for which millions of fans loved it. A single campaign will dip you into a dizzying pool of gangster intrigues. A wide selection of a wide variety of vehicles will not get bored in the long journey through the virtual world of San Andreas. You can try an impressive weapon arsenal. And all this against the backdrop of absolute freedom of action.

The first question that arises in front of the player is how to manage a character without the usual combination of a mouse and a keyboard? Developers Grand Theft Auto San Andreas responsibly approached this issue, making several types of transport management (joystick, two buttons). The main character is controlled with the joystick and the keys on the right side of the screen. Double clicking on the running icon will force the protagonist to jump. You also can use free hack Plants vs Zombies 2.

GTA San Andreas cheat

Secrets and Tips:

Some components of the gameplay require special optimization in the mobile device system. For example, shooting, which is problematic with a given type of control. Therefore, the game provides an auto-target. There is a convenient system of conservation, in addition, with the help of the company’s Rockstar Social Club service you get the opportunity to save your beginnings for several devices.

Hack GTA San Andreas has practically no shortcomings, except that it will take a little getting used to the management. This is a time-tested game. The developers, the company Rockstar Games, decided not to depart from the old script, but decided to continue it. The main scenario of the mod GTA San Andreas game will be tied to the major cities of California. All the actions take place in the not far 1992, when this remarkable state mired in endless wars between different gangs.

The main character of this game is Karl Johnson, who will represent you in the game. In 1987, CJ, the nickname of Karl Johnson, left Los Santos as he could no longer endure these endless skirmishes, disassembly, corrupt deals and wanted to continue his life without all this. This path led him to Liberty City, where he spent a remarkable five years of his life.

GTA San Andreas free


Rockstar Games moved this game to mobile devices, which is their biggest creation for gadgets, but this is not the only joy for gamers. Going to the Android platform, this game has brought many improvements. At the first acquaintance with the game you will notice that its graphics have become much better. Also playing in San Andreas, you will meet a lot more kinds of cars, as their number has been increased specially for this platform.

The player who installed the game will be able to visit any corner of the state of San Andreas, as the whole world is completely open for exploration. The state of San Andreas is represented by the largest cities: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. If we talk about the duration of the game, then we can say that it will drag you into this wonderful and dangerous adventure for 70 hours.

Now in short we list all the new things in the game GTA San Andreas:

  • Modern graphics (resolution is adjusted to your IT-technology, all models are improved in the game, the color scale is much broader).
  • In the game it became possible to connect to the cloud service Rockstar, if you are a member of this club.
  • The ability to control both the camera and the motion with the help of analog joysticks.
    The possibility of switching control (man, car).
  • The game can be adjusted to any type of device using the settings.
  • The game is supported by the MoGa controller and can be played on the Bluetooth network.

GTA San Andreas mod

Everything was fine, but one day he gets news that his mother was killed, and his friends and family are in big trouble. This letter forced twenty-five-year-old Karl Johnson to return to the city of childhood. On the way home, from the airport, the main hero of the GTA San Andreas game are police officers, who were sold by one of the bandit groups. These corrupt cops decided to “sew” the unsolved murder of the police officer Carla.

Because of this problem, everything went awry, and now Carl can not, just so, walk around the city figuring out what really caused the murder of the mother, and who did it. The developers conceived everything so that collecting all the threads, this event, you had to travel all over San Andreas.

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