Head Ball 2, this is the second part of the famous sports simulator. Due to its features, the game has a number of differences. You can download the mod for free for Android, iOS, but you can not do without donate. Get a lot of money and diamonds can be using cheat codes. This is a simple and safe way to gain an advantage and play at the level of the best players. First of all you need to get acquainted with the instruction on the input, so you can quickly make a hacked Head Ball 2. In the article you will find promotional codes, tips and tips for quickly passing the game.

Football simulator

You cn download Head Ball 2 mod apk for free. First of all I want to note the features of the football match. Since there are only 2 players on the field, you control one of them. Each character has a level and a set of special skills. Head Ball 2 money will allow you to improve skills and develop skills. In addition, boosters and accelerators are available to help reverse the game and score a decisive goal. Each match, this is an opportunity to earn experience, raise the level and get valuable rewards.

Head Ball 2 mod

The victory goes to the player who was able to score more goals in the opponent’s goal. To attack, you can use one of the punches. So, an important part of the game is fast moving and jumping. Masomo Gaming is the developer of Online Head Ball, which has millions of positive reviews on Google Play. And this is the continuation of the second part with improved gameplay and additional features.

Game process

Use cheat codes Head Ball 2 for Android and iOS. Only two players and each with a set of skills. Before the match, you bet from your own money, the winner gets everything. To win, you need to score more goals than the enemy will do. For this, you have a head, a leg and a set of special skills. Head Ball 2 promotional codes for diamonds and money, this is an opportunity to unlock players with a high level of skills. Cartoon simulator provides a high level of competition, each time the game automatically picks up the enemy. Alo, try new hacked Basketball Shoot 3D game for free.

In addition, it is worth noting a simple control, to the left are the navigation buttons, to the right are the beats. In addition to the standard set, everyone can use booster and accelerators. They make the game unpredictable and expand the list of opportunities. Since the multiplayer mode is very developed, every time you can fight with rivals from different corners of the earth.

Head Ball 2 cheat

Each match, this is an opportunity to get Diamonds Head Ball 2 and raise the level. Using diamonds, you will be able to unlock new players, special skills and increase the chances of winning. Since donat in the game is developed strongly, it is difficult to win without purchases.


• Multiplayer mode with the ability to play with other players.
• Interesting and exciting process, fast matches.
• Automatic selection of the opponent is equal in strength.
• Additional features in the form of attack and defense bonuses.
• Dozens of types of cards, players with different characteristics.
• Work cheats Head Ball 2, this is an opportunity to get extra money into the account.
• The ability to keep your achievements by tying the game to social networks.
• Promo codes allow you to disable advertising in online mode.

Each match is an opportunity to get new cards, accessories and items. Unlock new stadiums for the game to diversify the gameplay. Unlimited resources, this is an opportunity to improve the level and expand the list of skills and abilities. And boosters, this is an added advantage, you can collect them during the match.

Head Ball 2 codes

Graphics and sounds

A fascinating game will please with beautiful graphics and bright elements. A wide variety of maps, stadiums and effects. Each match, this whole match is full of motions and adrenaline. Thanks to the detailing of objects and sounds, you will get aesthetic pleasure during the game. Pleasant gaming experience with high dynamics is available on Android, iOS platforms. A lot of money will go to buy new maps and skills. Hacked Head Ball 2, it’s an opportunity to play without limits and save real money.

Thanks to the features, the game has fans. Hence, you can always find a suitable opponent quickly. Work on raising the levels and rise higher in the standings. Also, multiplayer mode, this is a great opportunity to challenge friends. With cheat codes you can get a large set of resources and unlock paid items. This advantage is available to everyone and will make the game even more interesting.

Cheats Head Ball 2 Hack codes, Android and iOS:

  • 17 500 diamonds for free, code – wk # rMHHjRgA
  • 115 000 money on the account – oD # QhV0qaYL
  • Disable advertising in the game – jk # pNnhEJa4



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