Helix Jump

Game Helix Jump released the famous company Voodoo, which has many successful games in its portfolio. The game can be downloaded free of charge for both Android and iOS devices. It will take a bit more than 90 MB and will bring a lot of pleasure. You can play absolutely free of charge if you are not trying to set a global record, or to defeat all friends. Hacked Helix Jump allows you to disable advertising in the game and set a new record.

In the game you will have a lot of competitors, because of the simplicity of the game, it can be installed on the handset by any smartphone user. Game downloaded more than 10 million users, while the task you will be very simple. It is necessary to control the ball, which will move through the labyrinth and constantly seek his way out. To navigate you just need to tap on the screen. If you want to set a record for Helix Jump, use hacking, then read this article, here are all the secrets.

Helix Jump hack


From the very beginning you find yourself in a huge labyrinth and under your control there is a ball. You need to control it, jump and move through the spiral, avoiding traps. The game is very interesting and exciting, and a good developer’s name quickly made it popular among fans of “time killers.” Try once, you can not stop. Helix Jump for Android has levels that you can go through and set your own records.

Game process

For the game you just jump the ball, controlling it in the maze, which is on the big tower. The game is colorful enough and has multi-colored elements, barriers and traps. As soon as you fall into one of the traps, you have to start again if you do not use the hack Helix Jump. He will allow to continue from the place of the fall and increase his record at times. Playing with your friends, you can challenge each other.

Helix Jump cheat

Management in the game

To control the ball, you just touch the screen, avoiding obstacles and finding the passages. It’s really simple, as long as the rotation speed does not increase, having encountered the task for the first time, it seems impossible to pass. Having gained experience and trained your reaction, you can easily cope with more complex tasks. This game is similar to the Dunk Line, but do not rush to draw conclusions.

Helix Jump mod, will allow you to get a lot of money and unlock all the balls. You can diversify the game by changing the appearance of the ball. But they are quite a lot and have to collect for a long time to unlock the balls of different colors. Using tricks, everyone can unlock special balls on both Android and iOS devices.

Helix Jump mod

How to disable advertising in the game Helix Jump

Voodoo does not sell additional items for money and does not sell the full version for money. Monetization is carried out by viewing advertising and every time after an error, you have to watch the commercial, or disable the Internet for the game. Disconnect the network before launching the game, if this method does not suit you, you can use the codes at the bottom of the article.

Graphics and sound

The game has simple gameplay, simple graphics. If there were too many colorful elements in the game, it would be difficult to cope with the tasks. Therefore, enough beautiful 2D graphics, which is present in the game and copes with the task. But for precise control you need to get used to a fast pace. Gaining speed, the game becomes abstract and it becomes difficult to consider the elements.

Helix Jump android

But thanks to a simple, spiral design, the game has gathered tens of millions of users and a large number of positive reviews. As for the sound, it is unobtrusive in the game and does not irritate with a long game. This is very important, because to go through the game Helix Jump and set records, you need to make hundreds of attempts.

This is one of the most popular arcades in 2018 and if you want to achieve success in it, it will not hurt to know some tricks.

Hack Helix Jump:

  • Unlock all balls – XbDb21Uh # HJ
  • Disable ads – JRE1M8af # HJ
  • Continue the game from the place of fall (code for immortality) – N4bsjwYx # HJ

Using these tricks, you can go where few people have been. Take a screen of your achievements and share with your friends. To use codes, follow the instructions and follow the simple rules of hacking.

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