Since all fights happen in real time, you have the choice to create your own session. Inviting friends and comrades to it, or to join any of the already created games. In essence, the process of conducting protests in hacked Heroes Evolved for Android-based devices is no different from similar game-products. The player is offered several units, whose composition includes 5 creatures. And after choosing your hero, you need to spread out in the arena in three positions.

The main task is to be able to keep our locations from encroachments on them from the enemy commander and his subordinates. It will be generally excellent, if at the same time you will be able to destroy the towers of the enemy. Of course, for such an outcome of events, a generous reward follows. That is, when there is a complete destruction of the opposing opponent, his creeps, and the defensive structure. You deserve to receive some amount of gold and bonus experience points. Use cheats Heroes Evolved and download mod apk.

Heroes Evolved codes

Here are a few parameters for improvement, with whose help you can very quickly achieve victories in Heroes Evolved:

  • upgrading one of several combat skills (up to Ultimate);
  • Use accelerators with codes for gems;
  • the use of special features that are available only for the chosen hero, etc.

To not heavily burden the user, the developers implemented a fairly simple system for making purchases. As soon as the required amount of gold coins is typed, a graphic alert pops up in the right corner of the tablet or smartphone screen. It remains to just click on it, and it immediately comes to the personal disposal of the player. Also, use addition Balls Journey hack for free.

The number of victorious battles is directly proportional to the bonus rewards and the variety of available heroes. In total in game mod Heroes Evolved it is offered more than 30 absolutely different main fighters. In addition, graphic design (if you select high-mode) is in no way inferior to the computer analog. Implemented a decent animation of the secret skills of each character, carefully plotted locations, and all this unfolds against the background of quality sound melodies.

Heroes Evolved cheat

Features of the game, and why you need cheats Heroes Evolved:

A perfectly balanced online strategy with elements of action and RPGs. In the application, you take control of the epic heroes, and with their help, fight with other real players. On the battlefield, two teams will come together with the same number of players. In addition, the main task is to defeat the enemy heroes and defeat their main citadel.

The Heroes Evolved application will offer to take control of a group of powerful heroes, each of whom possesses specific skills and abilities. All the characteristics can and should be developed, supplying heroes with not only weapons and useful equipment, but also magical skills. Cleverly combining the useful qualities of the characters, and using clever tactics, you will be the winner from any battle. Do not forget to interact with allies by communicating with them using a special chat.

Heroes Evolved mod

Cheat Codes for Hack Heroes Evolved, Android, iOS:

  • 10000 tokens – Rr#BvFSYNI
  • 100 000 Gold coins – YE#AksgWsQ

The game is equipped with two game modes. In the mode of “Altar of Discord” you will find yourself on the base map, here fight five people from each side. The battles will take place in the impassable jungle, where three lines of defense and offensive pass. The game mode “Valley of War” may seem easier, because it will take only one line of defense, but here you also need to competently interact with your allies and make quick decisions. Discover new heroes with useful qualities, using Heroes Evolved mod for a lot of money you can lose your account and damage the mobile device. Use codes, join powerful clans or justify your own grouping by inviting your friends into it.



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