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HIT is an exciting game in which you have to go raids. You have many enemies and they all yearn for your death. After all, you are the most important organizer of all battles. The battles will occur in real time. You can easily invite friends to join your guild. But also it can be completely unfamiliar players from all over the world. Encourage them to go with you raid against the epic boss. If you like role-playing games, then be sure to play in Era of Celestials.

Secrets and Tips:

There are different guild tournaments in the game. It can be a fight 2 by 2 or 3 by 3. Since you will travel around the 3D world, then you will have many opportunities. Attacking the enemy can be either from the air or from the ground. You can download HIT mod for free and fast.

HIT codes

Kill and destroy enemies, leaving them no chance to survive. To attack was even more powerful, then try combining strikes, then you will inflict maximum damage on the opponent. To stand out in the game there are a lot of different costumes.

So you have an individual style. Weapons are just a huge choice. But it needs to be bought or unlocked. And if you do not have enough resources, then HIT cheats for money and crystals will be your salvation.

HIT mod

Important features in the game:

  • Many adventures that are worth attention.
  • To gain experience for the hero can be through testing.
  • A large number of tasks to expand the world in which you live.
  • The opportunity not only to invite friends to the game, but also to play with them and other players from around the world.
  • Simple management and exciting gameplay.
  • Many weapons, skills, combos for strikes.
  • Realistic graphics.

HIT cheat

Hacked HIT for Android and iOS is a unique chance to get all the maximum improvements in just a few minutes. So much money and crystals you have not had. Now you can safely make all the free purchases in the game and not worry about the safety of your devices. Codes are not only free, but you can enter them several times. Do not need any personal information or other settings, it’s easier. More information you can see below on the site.

HIT Hack and Cheat Codes for Android and iOS, free:

  • Use the cheat code to get 3 000 000 money in the game – HITbdg23ki
  • Cheat for 30 000 crystals in the game, get free – HIT7yr63ds


  1. I haven’t tried this game yet but I heard it’s just like era of Celestials and can’t wait to try it I hope it’s amazing.


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