HOOK hack

In the plot of the game HOOK hack you just have to rush to the opponent with a meat hook. With this uncomplicated action, the main character will attract negative characters to himself in order to simply “devour” them. However, the development of the main character does not seem very easy. Hook throwing is a difficult task to get used to. This gameplay, apparently, was created in order to learn the skill of throwing or “hooking” this hook. Also, you can download HOOK mod apk for free.

HOOK mod

The gameplay of the HOOK gameplay is that the player can correctly calculate the time. Ao that his hook can hit the target exactly, which also moves. The gameplay itself will take place on the already familiar Dota 2 map. And the character models themselves have an incredible similarity to the models of the original version of the game. Actually, the most important task in the gameplay of cheats HOOK for a gamer is to miss the smallest number of rival heroes. And, conversely, to catch on your hook as much as possible “catch”.

Secrets and Tips:

Use hacked HOOK for free. If you can successfully throw a hook on the enemy, then for this you will earn a certain amount of points. Also, your earned points can be spent on the purchase of various bonuses, as well as for the use of various skills. The gameplay has its own store, which also resembles a virtual Dota 2 shop. Here the player is given the opportunity to buy different artifacts, which can serve to increase the character’s health or lengthen its hook.

HOOK codes

The main features and functions of the gameplay HOOK can be attributed to the fact that with the help of this game a gamer will be able to learn how to accurately throw a hook for a Pudge character, count the exact time for making an accurate throw. Also, many players are attracted by the fact that the game contains the original map of some popular game. And also characters from Dota 2.


On the one hand, the game may seem quite unpretentious and boring, however, this is not true at all. It is worth only at least once to try to stay on the site of the main character, and you can not tear yourself away from the gameplay. So, if you are attracted to such a task and style of play, then feel free to download the HOOK and enjoy the gameplay with pleasure. In addition, you can download new hacked game Blocky Farm for free.

HOOK cheat

HOOK cheat codes – a puzzle game with minimalistic graphics and many exciting levels. At each stage there are several lines intersecting with each other that need to be removed. To do this, click on the corresponding circles, to which the black stripes are stretched. Doing this is required in a certain sequence, otherwise they will become stuck. Therefore, before starting it is necessary to put all auxiliary elements in the correct position. At first, it will be quite easy to carry out the assigned tasks, but over time, the complexity will increase, which will require the player to make great efforts to pass.

Hack HOOK Cheats for Android and iOS:

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