Today you will become more familiar with the game Horrorfield, which belongs to the genre of action and is filled with horror. Although it passes a long beta test, now you can enjoy the gameplay. Download it for free for Android, iOS. Hacked Horrorfield is a game with unlimited gold, it can be obtained with cheat codes. But first let’s get closer to the game.

Game process

Fans of horrors quickly turned their attention to this development. The game will move you to a deserted and gloomy city, which you will explore along with other players. The city is really horrible, the killer is wandering through its streets. Survive any valuable, for this you need to solve the mystery of the city, performing tasks. Horrorfield mod is available to players for free, but to get a lot of money you need to spend real money.

Horrorfield hack

The actions in the game are online, you along with five other players get the roles. The game randomly identifies you as a killer, or survivor. Maniac plays against all other players, but he is stronger and has special skills. Civilians also have special skills and can unite in the fight against a maniac. In the game, 7 types of maniacs and survivors are available to win. First of all, you need to correctly use the skills and use them for the benefit of the team, or for killing. This is an exciting adventure, collect medical items, heal comrades, or coordinate with other players.


Horrorfield for android has a closed card, each has unique skills and can be useful in the game. In addition, you can craft items around the city, collect weapons and other things. All of them will be needed for survival, the weapon will help fight the killer and escape from the attack. Consequently, the game has a lot of surprises and each time gets a unique game. Each character has a different way of walking and using objects.

Objects, things make the game as unpredictable as possible. Horrorfield a lot of money in the game you need to buy these same items, the most valuable of them are worth a lot of gold. In addition, you can download a game Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle, that will also terrify you and give you a lot of adrenaline.

If you are a killer

When you drop a killer card, then you need to destroy other players. Take a saw or other weapon and start hunting. Your victims will leave a trace around the city. You need to be able to navigate and invisibly approach to kill the victim. If the players are united, you need to outwit them and divide them. The advantage can be on their side, since the time for murder is limited and we have to act decisively. Hacked Horrorfield allows you to take advantage of moves, this will make the game even more interesting. Define positions and use powerful weapons to destroy survivors. You can only lose if they cause you big damage, or the game time ends.

Horrorfield cheat codes

Graphics of the Game

The game of Horrorfield is really gloomy, it horrifies at the first start. Empty houses, flickering lights, dark streets, the developers have done everything to run the game you felt yourself in a horror movie. The presence of a murderer in the city creates fear and causes excitement.

Although, the game is in the beta version, you can enjoy the gameplay now. Working codes for gold will allow you to freely buy items, change the look and use a powerful weapon. Cheat codes work on Android, iOS devices and give unlimited resources for purchases.

Horrorfield hack:

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Follow the instructions and get a lot of money on the account, this will allow you to freely play and enjoy the gameplay. This is the safest way to get additional resources in the game.


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