Hovercraft hack

Use hacked Hovercraft to get free unlimited resources. The game in which you need to build your own flying unit and go on it in battle. You will build it with different parts of different colors, such as Lego. But do not forget to equip your flying machine with weapons. You can choose any that is in the game store. The more you create cars and guns, the more chances to win this exciting battle. Love to play funny simulators, in which nothing strains, then play Mafioso: Gangster Paradise. Also, you can download Hovercraft mod apk for free.

Secrets and Tips:

First you need to have money to buy everything you need. You will earn them in races, and you will have the minimum limit at the beginning of the game. With each new level it will be more difficult to pass and win all opponents. So the equipment should be enhanced and updated after each fight.

Hovercraft cheat

You can put no more than 5 guns on your flying machine at the same time, so think carefully before you go to war whether you can withstand this fight or not. Once in battle, you will shoot at your opponents by flying over one of the selected tracks. But to win you need resources, and their number is limited. Finally, you can use our Hovercraft cheats for money and not to restrain yourself in purchases, because everything is free.

Game features:

  • The ability to install on your machine no more than five guns for firing.
  • You can play online, which means that you will compete against real players or your friends.
  • The choice of routes on which the battles will take place.
  • The ability to build a car that will defeat all enemies.
  • Each new level is more difficult than the previous one.
  • Several game modes.
  • Nice graphics and simple gameplay.

Hacked Hovercraft for Android and iOS will allow you to make free purchases in the game. You will no longer have restrictions and you no longer need to download mods. All that you need you will see below on the site. If earlier other sites required you to invest real money and enter personal data, now it is not necessary to do it. Cheats for money will give you complete freedom of action and you can go through the game without complications and of course the winner. Using codes is a breeze, so even a novice gamer can easily handle it.

Hovercraft mod


Hovercraft mod – racing arcade for Android devices. The game would be an ordinary race, if not for one fact: the user himself needs to collect his car from the materials at hand. There are no finished parts and spare parts, but only cubes that are similar to LEGO parts. Everything – from appearance to onboard armament – will have to be done by yourself, which opens up spaces for creative users. Opportunity to make the car to the taste of the project must lure fans of racing simulators and simple gamers.

Hack Hovercraft Cheat Codes for Android and iOS:

  • To get 900,000 money in the game, you can use the cheat code – H9iu7y6t55


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