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Hungry Dragon, this is a new game from the company Ubisoft Entertainment. The colorful arcade has a lot in common with Hungry Shark Evolution, but here you will control the flying dragons. Because of the great popularity of the game, the developers have created another great game with many features. First of all, these are new pets who will happily devour everything in their path. To survive, you need a lot to eat and your pet does not disdain the devouring of people. An amusing game with favorite gameplay has microtransactions, but using the Hungry Dragon hack, everyone can get the gems to the account for free. Let’s learn more about the game itself and its hidden possibilities.

Funny arcade game

It is difficult to find a person with a modern smartphone that did not play previous games from the developer. Download Hungry Dragon mod for Android, this is a colorful arcade game, which completely repeats the Hungry Shark gameplay, but the actions will take place in the air. Consequently, you have to devour people, burn entire villages to quench your thirst and survive. The game takes place in the Middle Ages, so you can deal with princes and knights.

Hungry Dragon free

The game is in the early access, very soon the official release on Android, iOS. And for those who want to get extra money in the game, bonus codes for precious stones and coins are available. Since the previous game from the company has gained unprecedented popularity, and it was downloaded more than 100 million times, this game will also be popular among gamers. The output of a new game is the preservation of the popular gameplay, but a completely new environment, graphics and a picture.

Game process

Since in the previous version of the game you swam, here you can fly on a variety of dragons. A large number of developments remained in this version, but this is an advantage. After all, thanks to the gameplay, the game has become so popular. Hungry Dragon mod has dozens of species of dragons, different locations and the ability to eat live animals. In the game you are invited to devour people and animals, burn villages and destroy castles.

Hungry Dragon cheat

Constant hunger will make you move endlessly and change direction. In the process of passing the game, you need to collect coins and increase their size. Unlock the dragons can be for the money of the Hungry Dragon cheats, you can get them for free using cheat codes. This is the easiest and safest way to hack the game. Burn all around yourself, earn experience points to get into the leaderboard and get additional rewards.

Of the features, we can note the ability to breathe fire and burn entire villages and various obstacles. Very important is the high dynamics, which was preserved in the new game. Because of the similarity of the gameplay, the developers left the controls, so you can quickly get used to the new physics.

Graphics and sounds

From movies, we are accustomed to seeing dragons during the Middle Ages. After downloading the game, we return to the times of castles, knights and fantastic animals. And to survive a large animal, you need to eat regularly. Therefore, he is ready to absorb animals, people and even objects. Hungry Dragon cheats, this is the ability to unlock dragons and carry out their quick improvements. As before, the game has a bright 3D graphics with fantastic animals and unlimited possibilities.

Hungry Dragon mod

Discovering new animals, you will receive additional opportunities. The larger the dragon, the more buildings it can destroy. Your main task is to manage the dragon so that it can taste delicious and endlessly. This will allow to survive and increase in size. Your level will depend on the possibilities. To fly faster, burn more items, you can use booster.

Hungry Dragon codes for precious stones and coins, this is an opportunity to unlock new costumes, as well as increase the characteristics. Super opportunities are available to donators and players who are willing to spend money on the game. In addition, you can use additional pets, increase bite force and pressure.

Each trip, this is an additional experience and an opportunity to raise the level. Unlock the dragons and get to secret places using the Hungry Dragon gems and coins, you can find valuable treasures and get additional opportunities. Arrange a barbecue from the village and have fun in the sky, the game is designed to amuse and perfectly suited for all ages.

Hungry Dragon codes

Cheat codes Hungry Dragon hack, Android and iOS, free:

• 16 500 gems – KlV_FYQXmC
• 165 000 coins, code for a lot of money – PKL_Z5J9CI

Hacked Hungry Dragon is a colorful arcade game in which you need to control a dragon. The fire-breathing lizard was very hungry and went in search of food. He will eat everything on his way, incidentally destroying villages and their inhabitants, soldiers and various creatures. Destroying settlements, forests, caves and underground mines, the hero will satisfy his hunger. During the passage of the player will be able to try ten different dragons, having a unique appearance and abilities. The user also has the opportunity to dress them in different suits.


  1. Wow!! this is really cool hack! Thanks guys! Great work, you helped me so much! This game is so fany thank yo for the code

  2. Wow!! this is really cool hack! Thanks guys! Great work, you helped me so much! This game is so fany thank yo for the code


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