Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom, this is a role-playing game available for free downloading for Android, iOS. Excellent strategic features from the developer B.V. The game was released in 2017, gamers downloaded it more than ten million times. Users rated it at 4.7, which is very much for such a popular game. Your task in the game, build a castle and train people. They will protect your possessions from opponents and bad guys. The game is free, but has game purchases, hack Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom gives freedom. Diamonds and premium version of the game gives gamers a significant advantage in passing, but first get to know the game itself.

Heroes and the castle

Start your journey as the king of the castle, it will be divided into rooms. Triple room is the main room of the game, if you want to open a new location, you need to update the Triple room. In the dining room you can prepare food, it is needed as energy for the army before the battle. In the basement you can store your treasures, and the storage is used for modernization. Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom a lot of money in the game you need to constantly upgrade the castle. Each room is important in the game and has its role, by updating the barracks you will be able to collect more army. Improving the basement and storage, will be able to collect more money.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom hack

In the game you will fight with enemies and zombies to protect the kingdom and people you need to create a powerful army. At the beginning of the game you get a basic set of troops, it is enough at the initial stage. Each time you need to increase the strength of the army to control the castle and protect the inhabitants. To increase the level you need to fight as much as possible, so you can get additional experience and valuable rewards.

Game process

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom mod has close to 20 different rooms. This allows each player to create a unique lock. Place rooms and develop a unique structure to surprise the attacker. A convenient navigation map will tell you about further actions, in which direction you need to develop. You have to open 4 areas to unlock each next location, you need to complete all the missions on the current map. Cook meals, save food and use gold to create new items.

The amount of gold depends on the progress of the player, but this is not the main currency. Diamonds play a key role and allow you to quickly unlock paid items. Open the chests and get more valuable items for each match. Premium game mode will quickly increase the level and unlock valuable items in the game.

Winning every battle will not be easy, but using the mod Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom a lot of money you significantly increase the chances. Presented codes work on Android, iOS devices and give the freedom of purchases in the game.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom cheats


• Build locks in which people will live.
• Endless battles, protect people from the God of the Abyss.
• Use gold and diamonds to quickly upgrade the castle and all rooms.
• Create a powerful army, collecting different types of troops.

The graphics in the game Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is simple enough, it has become popular due to the interesting gameplay. In addition to it in the game you can hear sounds and soundtracks, they also help immerse yourself in the gameplay and enjoy the gameplay.
The game is one of the most popular strategies for mobile, there are many fights and opportunities. Become a castle manager, managing all processes. Thanks to the codes you can get sets of game currency through the game store, without a real waste of money.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom hack

• Premium 30 days – HC # jwaHPPr
• Placer of diamonds x2- HC # oWW0Svy
• Bag of diamonds – HC # atnTM6u
• Purse with diamonds x2 – HC # vuJ1Xen

Follow the instructions to correctly enter the codes on different Android devices, iOS. This is the easiest way to get a lot of money in the game for free.


  1. At first I did not believe that this hack was working. I want to thank the developers, it’s really cool cheats. I love this game!


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