Idle Factory Tycoon mod

Fluffy Fairy Games company released the game Idle Factory Tycoon, which quickly gained popularity for Android, iOS. In the first months of its download millions of users around the world, while the game has an estimate of 4.7 on Google Play, this indicates the exceptional quality of the game. This simulator factory workers, here you can manage the factory and create a variety of useful items. Create toasters, batteries, cars, airplanes and more. Idle Factory Tycoon mod many money is searched for by many players, because you need to have a lot of resources for production.

About the game

In the game Idle Factory Tycoon for Android you will build your own factory. Install a variety of workstations to produce products of different types. By releasing quality products you will be able to raise customer confidence in your products. In the game there are dozens of types of stations that you can freely use to make the goods. Grow plants, create appliances and make money on everything.

Idle Factory Tycoon hack

Thanks to the resources, you can freely buy new technologies, hire more people to your plant and install new equipment. Money in the game is also needed to raise the level of stations. This will allow you to work faster and more efficiently and earn more money.To manage the game, you need to manage employees, directing them to the desired station and collecting bonuses and rewards from their work.

Work at the factory

Become a tycoon, owning a factory you can get rich. Idle Factory Tycoon a lot of money to develop production. Take on the role of chief engineer, who will create jobs and repair machines. This simulator has hundreds of different tasks and opportunities. You need to focus on the main thing to work as efficiently as possible. Learn to control different types of machines, solve problems at the plant and increase your level. To achieve great success, you need to use the hacked Idle Factory Tycoon, buy game kits in the game store, or have patience, the choice is yours.

Features of the game

• Ability to manage your own plant, hire workers, automate processes and receive rewards.
• You need to think strategically and spend profits on the further development of the plant and buy new stations.
• Expand your possessions, buy new territories and expand the size of the plant.
• Receive income from each employee and installed station.
• Every 4 hours you can get attractive bonuses.
• Solve complex tasks, perform manual control of the plant.
• You can play without connecting to the Internet.

Idle Factory Tycoon cheats

Graphics and sound in the game

The game has a good graphics with realistic elements and simple voice acting. Bright and colorful elements allow you to conveniently manage the game and watch the desired indicators. Idle Factory Tycoon mod, you can download free from official sites. But the game has a large number of levels and items that are only available donateram. The hacked version of the game will make you feel like a real master of the situation. Relax and build a huge factory with multi-million dollar profits.

Idle Factory Tycoon hack:

• Starter kit – 2YO6PA5B_83
• Small bale of supernalichnyh – PL6E88WZ_92
• Medium bale of supernalichnyh – 4IRZV0XM_73
• Production Hours – H3W312W3_71
• Passive income watch – UX8YBAEG_74
• Superallastic bag – QR5CUVMK_78

Using the instruction and entering codes, everyone can get a lot of money into the account. Cheat codes do not violate the rules of the game and allow free pick up kits from the game store.


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