Download the new game Jade Dynasty Mobile on mobile devices. Enjoy role-playing adventures with colorful characters and effects. Developers Avatar released a new game on the mobile market. In it you can realize your fighting qualities and spend an infinite amount of time. Hundreds of items, skills and abilities are available for selection. In addition, each hero can have unique abilities. Complete tasks, destroy bosses and get ready to meet real players. First of all, Hacked Jade Dynasty Mobile, it’s free shopping and lack of advertising. Let’s learn more about the game and its hidden possibilities.

About games

Role-play begins with the selection of heroes, 4 classes are available. After choosing a class, you can choose the gender of the hero, as well as a unique appearance. Downloading Jade Dynasty Mobile mod has a great variety and freedom of choice when creating a hero. Consequently, in the future, you can use a double experience to quickly increase your level in the game. Having created a character, there is an endless exploration of the vast world.

Jade Dynasty Mobile mod

The dynasty of jade possesses vast expanses and variety. Meeting with each hero, this is a new mission and the opportunity to find new items. Choosing your clan, you will fight with representatives of other alliances. The game has several modes, in one of them you can fight with your friends. The game is characterized by a huge world and opportunities. Probably, the script will lead through interesting storylines and plunge into the process.

Game process

After choosing a character, you have to work on creating his skills and learn how to fight. Jade Dynasty Mobile for Android has the usual controls for games of this genre. On the left is the joystick move, on the right you can include attacks, use separate skills and destroy the enemy. Each adventure is an opportunity to raise the level, earn extra money and experience.

Jade Dynasty Mobile cheat

Create a character with unique characteristics, it always depends on the set of skills and accessories. Paid items can be unlocked using premium currency. A lot of money Jade Dynasty Mobile is going to improve and raise the level. To upgrade weapons use silver to speed up the processes, spend diamonds. Even more, you can play alone, or team up with friends for raids over the vast expanses of the game. Also, try new hacked games GTA: Vice City and PAKO 2.

Graphics and sounds

3D game qualitatively differs realism and smooth animation. Also, the game will be pleased with a large number of scene scenes with bright effects. Thanks to a wide range of accessories, everyone can create a unique appearance for the hero, as well as create a unique character. In addition, full-scale battle for Android, iOS look very fresh. Even more, Jade Dynasty Mobile’s cheat codes give you the freedom to buy in the game and open up new opportunities.

Jade Dynasty Mobile codes

Create a character and go online. PvP battle, this opportunity will fight with representatives of other clans and test their strength. Victory will bring experience and additional rewards. Open the way to immortality, reached a high level, you will be difficult to defeat. Doing this with unlimited money will be much easier. Finally, follow the prompts in the instructions to enable additional features without violating the rules.

Cheat codes Jade Dynasty Mobile hack, Android and iOS:

  • 100 000 silver for free – Z2j_bNfOg54
  • 10 000 premium currency – BuM_XqTECBc
  • Disable ads in the game – L02_uoHTksY
  • Get a double experience – Wxb_LI0HX6t


  1. Is by far my favourite mobile game of all time. I spend 15 hours a day on it. xD I managed to find a rare pet level 70. Thanks so much, the best hack, really!


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