Jelly Jump – a dynamic and exciting arcade game from the developers of Ketchapp. The developers are also know for their exciting game Spring Ninja. In this game you have to manage some piece of jelly. Which is located at the bottom of a kind of tank. From below in the capacity the dirty liquid is going to arrive, threatening to drown your ward. Your task is to move this piece of jelly to the platforms. You can use cheats Jelly Jump for free.

Which will constantly appear above you as the container is filled with liquid, in an accurate and timely jump. This method is the only one to survive in this game. Rising higher and higher on the floors, you not only earn rating points. But also pick up jelly droplets. In the future, typing the required number of droplets. You can change the shape of your character and eventually you can even manage a jelly stool. Ease of control allows you to fully focus on the gameplay. Also, everyone can download Jelly Jump mod apk for free and fast.

Jelly Jump cheat

Secrets and Tips:

The basis of the gameplay of the game is that the floors above you arise at different speeds and each time of an arbitrary shape. So you will not be able to work out any algorithm. It only remains to hope for their reaction. The moment of the jump must be calculated so that at the moment of landing the newly created platform is closed under you. Otherwise you will inevitably fall down and you will not have a second chance to jump.

The game codes Jelly Jump is a minimalist. But rather high-quality graphic image, an exciting gameplay and pleasant sound. The presence in the game of the online table makes you again and again improve your result and compete in your achievements with friends. The game is distributed free of charge and is pleased with the lack of Donat in it, but now the ads will constantly bother you. Therefore, turn off the Internet and go to the rescue jelly friend. Below you can download the hacked Jelly Jump in which there will be a lot of droplets to change your character.

Jelly Jump codes

Game overview:

Free Jelly Jump – another original development from the company Ketchapp Games, offers to throw as high as possible a cube of colored jelly. Actually – this is the goal of the game. Simple, but exciting at the same time. Because flying up the cube is hampered by various obstacles – beams and cables. The obstacles are not static, but change – move, converge and diverge, so the player needs to guess the moment when the road up in front of the jelly cube will be completely free and only then throw it as high as possible. In case of failure, the fate of the jelly is tragic, it goes under water and dies.

The hacked version of the game Jelly Jump mod jelly jumps with a mod for a lot of money allows the player to an unlimited number of droplets that are in the game means of calculation. You will pay for them with new heroes, as well as give them their unique properties. The threshold of entry into the game is quite high and it does not open to the player so simply. We’ll have to lead a lot of training to learn to anticipate the right moment and skillfully bypass all obstacles.

Jelly Jump mod

How to hack the game:

In addition to the addictive gameplay, the players will be pleased with the pleasant 3D graphics that give the Martian atmosphere. The game Jelly Jump for devices based on Android, is constantly updated and brings new types of jelly, which can be assembled from colored droplets. Also, the latest update has brought an additional bonus, from now on the player at will can slow down time. There were fixes in the gameplay, now you can independently choose any level for the game. The music doesn’t cause any complaints, it just gives the impression of an unobtrusive background that does not distract from the process of the game itself.

Hack Jelly Jump Cheat codes for Android and iOS:

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Jelly Jump – colorful arcade game for Android, in which the user needs to help the penguin jump up. The main character climbs skyward with the help of jellyfish, clouds and space satellites. Simultaneously collecting bonuses and fighting with opponents. Control here is carried out using an accelerometer, so the player is only required to rotate the device in order to direct the trajectory of the hero’s jumps. In addition, here you can improve the skills of the character with the help of purchases in the in-game store. Also, we recommend you to try new hacked games: Kiwi WonderlandArt of War 3 and others.


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