An exciting arcade game in which you have to play for a former manager is free game Jetpack Joyride. His deeds have deteriorated very much, but one day he sees a jet pack, and raced. The management of this miracle of technology is passed on to you, since you are a master in subversive matters and very responsible. Your task is to fly as long as possible, collecting coins and tokens.

The game refers to the infinite, because there is no indication of the finish. And if you are not lucky and failed to pass the level, you have to start all over again. You will not get bored of playing, as there are many interesting moments here. On your way there will be huge mechanical dragons and birds stuffed with coins.

Jetpack Joyride hack

You can check how far it is possible to go in this game. On the resources that are here, you can make purchases and improve your knapsack. But if you do not have enough coins, then you can use our free cheat codes Jetpack Joyride hack for money. Then it will become fun and you will be able to afford various bonuses. And they will simplify your game as much as possible.


  • Many missions, mini-tasks. For their implementation, you will increase your game rating.
  • It is possible to buy new knapsacks, hero skins and many different improvements.
  • A variety of mechanisms that deserve your attention.
  • Fly will be on the most beautiful satchels.
  • You can change your appearance by changing the outfits for the main character.
  • Storm the lab and take everything you need.
  • Having obtained achievements you can challenge your friends.

Hacked Jetpack Joyride for Android and iOS, will give an opportunity to get our unique cheat codes, and together with them a lot of money for improvements and purchases in the game. You do not need additional settings or enter and leave your personal data in the game. It’s very simple and codes can be entered many times. If you have not already met such cheat codes, then follow the link below on the site and review the details on the use. All the codes are completely free and absolutely safe for any of your devices.

Jetpack Joyride cheat

Secrets & Tips:

Jetpack Joyride is a droving runner on the android from the company Halfbrick, developers of the popular arcade Fruit Ninja. We take control of a special agent named Barry, a charismatic owner of a square jaw and gray beard. He is entrusted with a responsible mission: to penetrate into a secret laboratory and steal prototypes of jetpacks (jet packs), which are kept by evil scientists.

The game has a fascinating and dynamic gameplay. You control the character by pressing one finger. Barry runs forward without stopping. After clicking on the display, the special agent flies on the jetpack, and at the same time sprinkles the leaden rain of the enemies standing in his way.


The game Jetpack Joyride mod apk requires all the time to switch from jogging to jumping, avoiding all sorts of obstacles, like lasers and missiles flying towards. Long running races are encouraged by coins, which can be obtained by improving the jump and running speed. In addition, a set of visual ornaments is available. Do not get bored and special bonuses that betray the jet pack new forms, for example, a dragon or a robot. When they are turned on, the management and style of the game change significantly. In this mode, Barry stays until the first failure.

Jetpack Joyride codes

Jetpack Joyride hack, mod is a simple, replayable and dynamic timekiller, no worse than the quality of the mastodons of the genre, like Temple Run. There is no breakdown into levels, long screensavers and other distracting things, you just need to click on the screen to immediately start the game process.

Jetpack Joyride Codes for Android and iOS:

  • To get 900 000 money in the game, use the code – T-fht093w

How to use Jetpack Joyride cheats:

Using codes is very easy and you do not need additional settings. All the details you can see on our website. In order for the game to become available for your ip – follow the terms of the site. Enjoy the gameplay and our cheats for free.


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