Juggernaut Wars – another game of survival. You will fight either alone or together with friends, who will call in the game. First of all, you need to choose a character that can be improved to the highest level. Remember that every hero has his own unique abilities. So choose the one that suits you best. If you’re a fan of role-playing games in the style of action, then certainly try to play in Food Fantasy.

If you choose a single mode, you will go through many exciting tasks and earn resources. And if you prefer to play in a team, then invite your friends or select other players from all over the world and into battle. Finally, you will have the opportunity to create your own clan, with all its capabilities. Then you will be open all the doors and you will be able to participate in the competition for the best clan in the game. So you can become famous throughout the game world. But to collect and earn resources is not so easy, and they need a lot of game. But with cheat codes Juggernaut Wars for money, crystals and food, you will no longer worry about it.

Juggernaut Wars cheat


  • A large number of modes, from which you yourself something that will definitely pick up.
  • Beautiful graphics in spectacular battles.
  • There are many different strategies and tactics for fighting.
  • The ability to invite friends into the game to compete with them or against them.
  • Opportunity to reveal all the secrets of the game in order to save the world.

Hacked Juggernaut Wars on Android and iOS, this is a unique opportunity to play without any restrictions. After all, when you have a lot of money and crystals, you do not need to think about what to choose from updates or improvements. Now you can buy everything you want. And with the help of cheats for food, you can forget that such a famine and do not need to monitor its level.

Juggernaut Wars codes

You can download Juggernaut Wars mod and do not need to download additional settings in the game. All codes are completely free and you can enter them several times. Also they are safe for all devices. And those who do not understand something can see the details of the use below on the site.


Juggernaut Wars cheat codes – role-based action movie with chic graphics, a lot of game modes and large-scale battles invites you to participate in the epic struggle with the forces of chaos. Gaming events unfold in a medieval entourage, where there is a place for abducted princesses, menacing knights, treacherous monsters and evil wizards. The storyline is served through vivid dialogues and individual stories of various heroes, and the campaign will pass through the execution of individual missions.

Juggernaut Wars free

In each task in Juggernaut Wars mod, the player needs to repel three enemy attacks, and from time to time cross weapons with powerful bosses. In the battles you will help a detachment of additional characters, up to five heroes, each of which possesses certain abilities. Battles will take place in a semi-automatic mode, where the player only needs to give commands, and from time to time conduct combo attacks, causing a lot of damage to the enemy.

The victories will bring you a lot of money for pumping the squad and all its abilities. Fill hero slots with useful features and equipment, which will give you a significant advantage on the battlefield. The more enemies you destroy, the more will be your fee, because every defeated enemy will share with you valuable equipment, coins and points and experience.

Juggernaut Wars codes

Cheats for Hack Juggernaut Wars for Android and iOS:

  • Use the cheat to get 100 000 money – JW89itjg
  • Get 10,000 gems (crystals) in the game, using the codes -JWbvgde3
  • Cheats for 1 000 meals per game, free of charge – JWhfy57y

Use any opportunities for further development, using, for example, a special elixir that, when activated, significantly increases the set of points and bonuses or other elixirs and drugs. The project is equipped with bright detailed graphics and epic background compositions, which gives the game a chic atmosphere of sword and magic. Addition to this will be a stylish and comfortable menu, and full Russian localization. Also, you can try new hacked game DOKDO for free.


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