Jurassic Hopper 2 hack

Download a fun arcade and have fun. You can download Jurassic Hopper 2 for free on Android, iOS. At first glance, the game is very similar to Crossy Road, but it has several significant differences. If you want to have fun, but do not strain too hard, then this is an excellent time killer. In addition, dozens of funny characters are available in the game, each of which has special skills. Hacked Jurassic Hopper 2 will give you the freedom to purchase and will unlock the skins of different characters. Let’s learn more about the game.

Pixel Cross-Gameplay

Since most of the characters are blocking, at the beginning of the game you will be able to choose one of two, free heroes. They have the same characteristics and at any time the character can be changed. Therefore, your choice can fall on any hero. Jurassic Hopper 2 for Android has 18 characters, first of all, each of them has a unique weapon and appearance. Therefore, your choice will depend on your own preferences.

Jurassic Hopper 2 mod

Following the story, you will make your way through the park with dinosaurs. They took power over the territory and left nothing alive. Thanks to weapons, you have a chance to survive and make your way through the obstacle course. Your result will depend on the time that you will be able to hold out. In conclusion, let’s say that one attempt has several lives, and using the powerful weapons and skills of the hero you can easily set a new record.

Gameplay and features

Since the game does not pretend to be realistic as Jurassic World Alive, here you will not find 3D models of dinosaurs. However, pixel graphics have a number of advantages. Because it’s simple enough, everyone can download it to their smartphone. The game has minimal requirements, which allows millions to download and enjoy the game not on the newest smartphones. Jurassic Hopper 2 mod has endless gameplay. In addition, the achievements can be divided into social networks and compete with friends.

Jurassic Hopper 2 cheat

Comparatively with other games about dinosaurs, here their models are quite simple. But all the same you can easily distinguish different types. The gameplay is simple enough, tapping on the screen you will navigate the map. In addition, you can shoot dinosaurs using the button at the bottom of the screen. Despite the small power of the weapon, this will save lives. Jurassic Hopper 2 money will allow you to unlock characters and test them in the arena.

Graphic design

Pixel graphics is loved by many thanks to its simplicity. To add variety, the creators of the game created several worlds with a unique design. In addition, you will be met by dinosaurs of different types, they will move linearly, which allows you to outwit them, or kill them if possible. In difficult moments, use your weapons, this will save lives. The hearts are displayed at the top of the screen on the left, Jurassic Hopper 2 cash is on the right top.

Since coins are needed to buy new heroes and restore lives, they are of great importance. Get them you can endless treks in the jungle, but get a lot of money quickly you can through the game store.

Jurassic Hopper 2 codes


This is an exciting, cross-platform game for fans of dinosaurs, arcades and shooters. Here, the developers successfully combined several popular things. Jurassic Hopper 2 cheat codes give you the freedom to purchase and increase the chances of survival when meeting with monsters like raptor, t-rex and many others.

Jurassic Hopper 2 hack for Android and iOS:

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